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What is Acai Berry and What is it Good for

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Nadia Galinova
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Nadia Galinova
What is Acai Berry and What is it Good for

Everyone has heard of goji berry and its health benefits. Many people use it for various health complaints and to increase the tonicity of the body.

Acai berry is not as famous as goji berry, but it is no less effective. It is a small purple fruit that looks like a blueberry.

Acai grows in South America, more precisely in Amazonia. It is a type of palm and its fruit are rich in vitamins, antioxidants and essential amino acids.

But what is acai berry and what are its benefits

The medicinal benefits of acai berry have ensured the health of the natives of Amazonia for centuries. The beneficial properties of acai berry are good to know.

1. Improves heart function - Acai palm fruit are very rich in anthocyanins. These are plant antioxidants that lower blood pressure, clean vessels of cholesterol and stimulate blood flow;

2. Aids weight loss - The little purple fruit is a member of the superfood family for its health benefits. Its regular consumption breaks down fats and removes accumulated fat deposits;

3. Facilitates digestion - acai berry is an excellent source of fiber. The enzymes in it accelerate the movement of the intestines, improve the intestinal flora and protect against gas. The fruit can be used to detox the gastrointestinal tract;

Acai Berry

4. Stimulates cell division - the antioxidants in the fruit destroy free radicals and stimulate cell division, by protecting organs and systems from tumors;

5. Boosts immunity - acai berry is rich in vitamin C. It plays an important role in maintaining immunity. The polyphenols in it help in the treatment of cancer;

6. Stimulates brain activity - the fruit improves not only memory and brain activity, but also calms the nervous system and increases energy, thanks to the many vitamins and fibers. This increases physical endurance and protects against exhaustion;

7. Acai berry fights aging, because it successfully controls the attacks of free radicals. Stimulating blood circulation, it enhances sexual power, especially in men, therefore it is an aphrodisiac. They often use this fruit in the cosmetic industry and acai berry oil is well known as a means of preserving beauty and youth.

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