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What is resveratrol and what is it useful for?

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Resveratrol is a natural compound that is found in the skin of grapes, but because from the skins of the fruit can be extracted a tiny amount of it, the majority is extracted by synthesis – through chemicals and biotechnology.

Resveratrol can be used as a dietary supplement. It is contained more blueberries, and some types of herbs. You can obtain resveratrol from red currant and a glass of wine (225 ml - 640 mcg of resveratrol). The amount in one cup is enough for your daily intake.

In recent years, resveratrol is a great hit in the market and is a great addition to a healthy life. It has been proven as an antioxidant, contains large amounts of vitamin E, can also stop most of the free radicals, whose main task is to damage cells. Last but not least, resveratrol can help respiratory problems - like pneumonia and asthma.


Moreover, it quickly manages to prevent any inflammation inside the body. You know that inflammation is not just an ailment - often there are a lot of problems behind it and it’s only one of many symptoms. Thanks to its properties, resveratrol is naturally able to "unlock" the different systems in the body that directly attack inflammation.

Claims that resveratrol can successfully prevent certain types of cancer, improve the condition of people suffering from diabetes type 2 and last but not least, it can also help to improve the health of the organism, and extension of human life still remain unproven.

Although still unproven, under these assumptions a lot of research is done and maybe soon we will see in the true miracle of resveratrol. Currently studies with certain types of animals are ongoing, which successfully demonstrate that their life cycle is extended due to this compound.