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Other Food Ingredients

Other Food Ingredients

Other food ingredients and information on them and their composition. Storage, choice and consumption of different types of food ingredients. Uses of various food ingredients.
Hemp FlourOther Food IngredientsHemp Flour
24 Nov.
Iliana Angelova
Hemp MilkOther Food IngredientsHemp Milk
17 Oct.
Iliana Angelova
Avocado OilAvocado Oil
05 Oct.
What do we need to know about avocado oil and which uses of it are good to include in our lives? Composition of avocado oil. Benefits of avocado oil. Culinary applications of avocado oil.
Bomba RiceBomba Rice
19 Sept.
Bomba rice is a short grain type of rice cultivated mainly in the eastern parts of Spain. The short grains, which it is characterized with are due to the presence of amylopectin. Bomba rice - history and application in cooking.
Wholemeal FlourWholemeal Flour
10 June
What is wholemeal flour, why is it so healthy, what types are there? How to include it in your diet? Types of wholemeal flour.
Processed Cheese - What We Need to KnowProcessed Cheese - What We Need to Know
01 June
The favorite of many processed cheese - it is so soft and tasty that it melts in your mouth. However, have you ever wondered what exactly it is and what processed cheese contains.
Rye FlourRye Flour
27 May
Rye and types of rye flour. Nutritional composition of rye flour. Health benefits from the use of rye flour. Features of rye flour.
The Harm of Carbonated DrinksThe Harm of Carbonated Drinks
22 May
Carbonated drinks are harmful, because they contain fructose, which the liver cannot process and converts into fat. What are the harms of fizzy drinks?
About The Best Hydrating DrinksAbout The Best Hydrating Drinks
13 May
It is important to be well hydrated, in order to be energized and charged throughout the day. See the best hydrating drinks that provide electrolytes, vitamins, probiotics and minerals.
Coconut WaterCoconut Water
27 Apr.
Coconut water is a real natural elixir, which has dozens of healing properties. Coconut water contains various valuable enzymes that improve the digestion and metabolism.
How to Find Out if You Have Gluten IntoleranceHow to Find Out if You Have Gluten Intolerance
27 Apr.
Recognize the symptoms of gluten intolerance. Long-term symptoms of gluten intolerance. Diagnosis and treatment of gluten intolerance.
How to Consume Flaxseed and What it is Good forHow to Consume Flaxseed and What it is Good for
06 Jan.
Flax seeds are used in folk medicine as a cure and natural therapy of various diseases, as well as for culinary purposes.