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Other Food Ingredients

Other Food Ingredients

Other food ingredients and information on them and their composition. Storage, choice and consumption of different types of food ingredients. Uses of various food ingredients.
Hazelnut FlourHazelnut Flour
20 Mar.
Essence of hazelnut flour. Chemical composition of hazelnut flour. Nutritional value of hazelnut flour. Useful properties of hazelnut flour. How to make hazelnut flour. Recipes with hazelnut flour
The Best Foods for Healthy TeethThe Best Foods for Healthy Teeth
10 Mar.
There are plenty of products that are suitable for healthy teeth. So it's enough just to choose your menu carefully and stick to a varied diet.
Black Cumin OilBlack Cumin Oil
27 Feb.
Useful properties of black cumin oil. Black cumin oil benefits and uses. Method of use and dosage of cumin oil. Conditions in which the intake of black cumin oil is appropriate.
Peanut FlourPeanut Flour
11 Feb.
Despite its name in English - peanuts - peanuts are not nuts. In addition to peanut butter and oil, peanut flour is gaining momentum in use. What we need to know about peanut flour.
Yacon SyrupYacon Syrup
30 Jan.
Chemical composition and nutritional value of yacon syrup. Health benefits and harms of yacon syrup? Application of yacon syrup. Where to buy yacon syrup and how to store it?
Shallot - Benefits and UsesShallot - Benefits and Uses
23 Jan.
Shallots can be called a favorite among the types of onions used in France, where master chefs often stew them along with white wine. What shallots are used for and what the benefits of its consumption are.
Hemp FlourHemp Flour
24 Nov.
Hemp flour is produced from unpeeled hemp seeds. Hemp flour - preparation, composition and use in cooking.
Coconut FlourCoconut Flour
25 Oct.
What exactly is coconut flour? What is coconut flour used for? Health and nutritional benefits of coconut flour. Homemade coconut flour recipe. Cooking recipes with coconut flour.
Hemp MilkHemp Milk
17 Oct.
Benefits and application of hemp milk. Medicinal and therapeutic properties of hemp milk. Composition of hemp milk. How to make hemp milk at home?
Avocado OilAvocado Oil
05 Oct.
What do we need to know about avocado oil and which uses of it are good to include in our lives? Composition of avocado oil. Benefits of avocado oil. Culinary applications of avocado oil.