Vegetables and information about their composition. Storage, choice and consumption of different types of vegetables . Exotic and tropical vegetables .
22 Mar.
17 Mar.
White TurnipWhite Turnip
14 Mar.
White turnips are a proven remedy for constipation and lazy bowels. White turnip is used very often in respiratory diseases, because it helps to easily separate the stringy secretion stuck in the lungs.
11 Jan.
Garlic is one of the oldest cultivated plants in the world. Properties and benefits from consuming garlic. Ingredients of garlic, culinary uses of garlic and health benefits of garlic.
03 Nov.
Beetroot is an important ingredient of a complete seasonal diet. Beetroot is eaten either boiled or roasted and raw. Composition, benefits and storage of beetroot.
08 Sept.
Information about carrots, storage and benefits of carrots. Benefits, content and use of carrots. See what they are good for and how to use them.
Cherry Tomatoes - What We Need to KnowCherry Tomatoes - What We Need to Know
07 Apr.
Cherry tomatoes serve not only as an ingredient in salads, but also with their help you can decorate dishes. When choosing cherry tomatoes, you should pay special attention to the aroma.
31 Mar.
Atriplex (or saltbush, orache, orach) is a genus of annual grasses and subshrubs belonging to the Chenopodiaceae family. Atriplex has long been undeservedly neglected by gardeners and cooks.
01 Mar.
Longjack is a plant that thrives on the islands in and along the southeastern coast of the Indian Ocean. In the regions where longjack grows, its root extracts are considered a natural aphrodisiac and strong male potency enhancer.
Romanesco BroccoliRomanesco Broccoli
11 Feb.
Romanesco broccoli is a vegetable with a unique appearance, like some sort of alien plant. Romanesco broccoli is made up of rosettes, consisting of small pyramids, forming a nearly geometric shape, almost a fractal.
04 Feb.
Sauerkraut is a food product obtained by the fermentation of raw cabbage in a specially prepared brine under the influence of lactic acid bacteria. Consumption of sauerkraut helps restore the balance of gut flora.
Green OnionsGreen Onions
31 Aug.
Green onions find wide application in the culinary arts. Green onions are an invariable part of lettuce salad, a typical spring dish. Strangely enough, the quantities of sugar in green onions exceed those found in pears and apples.