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Types of alcohol

Types of Alcohol

Types of alcohol from around the world. Learn remarkable facts about the different types of alcohol , their contents and how to prepare them.
08 Sept.
Campari is a world famous bitter Italian liqueur, whose story begins way back in 1860. Campari is prepared by mixing aromatic plants and bitter herbs, fruits, water and alcohol.
30 June
Akvavit is a high alcohol Scandinavian beverage, containing about 40 percent ABV. Its name comes from the Latin aqua vitae - water of life. Akvavit is not that popular a drink worldwide but despite this does have a rich history.
29 June
Whiskey is a popular alcoholic drink. Usually it is made from rye or wheat. At times whiskey can be made from barley as well. The most popular type worldwide is blended whiskey.
14 May
Sake, the traditional Japanese alcoholic drink, is made from fermented rice. The alcoholic content of sake varies from 14-20 percent. Sake possesses a sweet and rich taste, reminding of flowers and fruits.
13 May
Armagnac is a spirit often compared to brandy and cognac. Armagnac is produced only in the southwestern regions of France and is considered to be the first distilled local drink.
22 Apr.
Amarula is a popular South African cream liqueur made from the fruits of the marula tree, also known as the Elephant tree. Amarula's unique taste allows it to be used in recipes for creams, puddings, ice creams, mousses.
07 Apr.
Rakia is an alcoholic drink, widespread among the Balkan countries predominantly. Rakia is obtained after fermented fruits go through the process of distillation (boiling).
03 Apr.
Vodka is among the emblematic alcoholic drinks that appeal to both men and women. Vodka is made on the basis of water and ethanol.
03 Apr.
Vermouth is an aromatized wine, drunk neat or combined in cocktails with other alcoholic drinks. To aromatize vermouth, seeds, roots and flowers of different herbs are used, as well as fruits.
01 Apr.
Gin is a high alcohol drink, which alcoholic drink aficionados know due to its presence in a wide range of cocktails that are popular worldwide. Real gin is made from the fruits of the juniper plant, as well as other fruits.