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Nuts and Seeds

Nuts and Seeds

Nuts and seeds and information on them and their composition. Storage, choice and consumption of different types of nuts and seeds . Types of nuts.
Almond OilNuts and SeedsAlmond Oil
21 Feb.
Iliana Angelova
Brazil Nut OilNuts and SeedsBrazil Nut Oil
03 Feb.
Teodora Meshterova
PistachioNuts and SeedsPistachio
12 Dec.
Rosi Stoyanova
Oat BranOat Bran
16 Nov.
What is oat bran? Main characteristics of oat bran. Oat bran, weight loss and other benefits for the body. How to consume oat bran.
Hemp SeedHemp Seed
15 Nov.
The hemp plant has been cultivated for a very long time. It is believed to be one of the first crops grown by man. Hemp seed - composition, benefits and storage methods.
Oat FlourOat Flour
20 Aug.
Composition and energy values of oat flour. Glycemic index of oats - below the average level and is 45 units. Types of oat flour. Benefits of oat flour.
Flaxseed FlourFlaxseed Flour
17 Oct.
Flaxseed flour is a natural and healthy product that has been used by humans for hundreds of years. Flaxseed flour is rich in fat and it is added in the preparation of various recipes.
Chia SeedsChia Seeds
24 Feb.
Chia seeds are among the most popular of the so-called superfoods . Even though they've gained wide popularity in recent years, chia seeds have been well-known since ancient times.
Chufa Sedge (Earth Almond)Chufa Sedge (Earth Almond)
27 Jan.
Chufa sedge(Cyperus esculentus), also known as earth almond is a plant belonging to the Cyperaceae family. The oil content in chufa sedge is about 28 percent, easily making it an oil-bearing plant.
10 Dec.
Linseed (Semen Lini) consists of the seeds of the flax plant Linum usitatissimum, belonging to the Linaceae family. Linseed is among the most highly praised food products by nutritionists and medical professionals.
Wheat BranWheat Bran
11 Sept.
Wheat bran is a byproduct from the milling of wheat. The fact that wheat bran is a byproduct does not at all mean that it has no beneficial vitamins and minerals - in fact they are concentrated in the greatest quantities.
06 Mar.
Acorns are the fruits of Quercus trees, which come in many forms. Acorns serve as food for numerous animals, including squirrels and wild boars. They can be eaten by humans as long as they are processed properly.
Apricot KernelsApricot Kernels
15 Nov.
There are many claims that apricot kernels are a very valuable tool in the fight against cancer, because they contain vitamin B17. The composition of apricot kernels is similar to that of almonds.