Oat Bran

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Oat Bran

More and more often today, people are returning to foods that were widespread in ancient times. Some of the ancient cultures were of great importance for human sustenance and made significant and underappreciated contributions to humanity and were later undeservedly forgotten.

Today, people are rediscovering them again and they take a deserved place among the food on the table. Such a crop are oats. It is becoming increasingly clear that they are one of the most valuable foods and it is no coincidence that oats are now considered an excellent healthy breakfast.

Along with the nut of this plant, however, another product is obtained - oat bran. They, unexpectedly, turn out to be a prophylactic food product. Their direct, strong and scientifically proven impact is on the two most powerful enemies of humans in modern times - cholesterol and cancer. They are also a weapon against two other inevitable factors for the deterioration of health, diabetes and excess weight. That is why oat bran should be present in the menu of every person concerned about their health.

What can we learn about this forgotten healthy food?

Description of oat bran

Oats, like wheat, consist of a grain and a protective husk. The nutrient of the cereal crop is collected in the grain and is made into oat flour and oats.

What coats the grain is the bran. They are obtained by removing the inedible outer layer during processing of the oat grain. The bran is immediately below it and is also removed. This way, bran has nothing to do with cereal. The grain is stripped of the bran during processing.

They are usually food for animals, because the human body does not have the enzymes to break them down. However, this fact gives them unique properties. They pass through the entire digestive tract, acting as a filler that resists all chemical and physical attacks in their path. At the same time, they carry insoluble fiber in high doses. Thanks to this property, oat bran absorb, sticks to themselves and retains all substances, which they comes into direct contact with.

Passing through the entire length of the small intestine, they take part of the ingested food and carry it out. Therefore, they are an essential helper in weight loss diets.

Insoluble fiber can suppress hunger and improve intestinal obstruction, but irritates more sensitive intestines. At the same time, oat bran contains all the useful biologically active substances of the oats, which they enrich the body with.

Main characteristics of oat bran

Oat bran calories

Oat Bran Consumption

Oats, once processed, are very popular with the Dukan Diet followers, because they are low in calories.

Oatmeal contains 20% fiber, lycopene, unsaturated fats, proteins and amino acids.

Caloric content of oat bran is 256 kilocalories per 100 grams of dry product.

For those on a diet, the high calories compensate for bran's ability to absorb fluid, satiate quickly and affect the intestinal tract.

Carbohydrates in oat bran

Although they contain a lot of carbohydrates, almost all of them are insoluble fiber. Bran is not digested, or more precisely, it is digested in such a way that calories are supplied to the body exclusively from fat or protein. Carbohydrate content in 100 grams of product is different, depending on production factors.

Oat bran, weight loss and their other benefits for the body

Weight Loss

Oat bran supports the weight loss process by removing some of the calories from the food, increasing its volume in the stomach and creating a feeling of satiety. It is recommended to drink more water when consuming them. They are also heat-treated and various sweet and savory foods are prepared, which carbohydrates are replaced in the food diet with.

- The fiber in the bran slows the passage of sugars into the blood and puts a brake on the release of insulin. Insulin fills you up, because it simultaneously stimulates appetite and facilitates fat storage. The more insulin there is in the blood, the more fat is stored;

- Oat bran also supports the elimination of some of the fats we consume - regardless of whether they are vegetable or animal. Thanks to the water in them, constipation is prevented, which accompanies many diets;

- Oat bran clears bad cholesterol in the blood. It clogs the arteries and is the cause of heart disease. Regular consumption of oat bran reduces cholesterol by 15%, as many drugs taken for this purpose;

- This product is very useful for type 2 diabetics. One of the properties of bran is to slow down the penetration of sugars into the body. They are most beneficial at the beginning of diabetes. They can slow the progression of the disease;

- Oat bran has other benefits - it has choleretic action and can eliminate stagnation bile ducts. As a result, the outflow of bile in the intestine is normalized. Therefore, they are beneficial for pancreatitis and cholecystitis;

- The outer layer of the oat grains also takes care of beauty, by preventing aging. They remove heavy metals from the body, accelerate cell regeneration and delay the appearance of wrinkles;

- The product can protect the heart and blood vessels, by eliminating the risk of stroke;

- Prevents obesity, which is the cause of many health problems.

Contraindications and harms of eating oat bran

This product can harm the body if it is consumed in its pure form in large quantities, because the absorption of calcium and magnesium becomes difficult. Consumption after prolonged soaking may lead to stomach pain. Contraindications for use are the following diseases:

- Stomach ulcer;

- Gastritis;

- Colitis.

How to consume oat bran


They are used on their own, without other ingredients and also as part of baked or dairy products. They perfectly complement kefir or yogurt, fruit salads and fruit. They can be used to prepare a cereal breakfast.

Oat bran is also found in healthy cakes, sweet rolls, whole grain pastries and bread. Pancakes and rolls are made from them. The most popular product with them are biscuits. They can be made with or without additional flour.

Stewed bran can be added to soup and steamed bran is suitable for enriching vegetable and fruit salads. As strange as it sounds, they pair well with sauerkraut.

Added to the dough, or sprinkled on the baked goods, oat bran will bring benefits to the body. They make a good tandem with flour, eggs, dairy products and herbs.

If eaten alone, their flavor can be enhanced by adding honey, dried or fresh fruit, nuts or milk.

Application of oat bran in a weight loss diet

The product can be added to the main dish or taken under a certain model. The Three Phase Oatmeal Diet offers the following:

- The first stage includes 10-12 days, during which 1 tsp. of oats are taken, infused in 1/3 cup of hot water. Cool, strain the liquid and divide it into 3 portions;

- The second stage lasts for 2 weeks, during which time the decoction of 2 tbsp. of oat bran, divided into three doses, is taken;

- At the third stage, 2 tbsp. are consumed at each meal, dried. They can also be poured into ayran. The diet at this stage lasts 2 months.

With oat bran you can prepare:

- healthy desserts;

- vegan chocolates;

- oat biscuits.


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