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Easy Satiety Tricks

Nadia Galinova
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Nadia Galinova
Easy tricks for satiety

What you eat is not the only thing that matters, in order to be full. The way you eat is also important. Try the following tricks and stay lean, healthy and full for longer.

Drink 240 ml of water before eating. This will fill your stomach, which will deprive you of at least 60 calories per meal.

Use vinegar or vinaigrette sauce to season shepherd's salads, Greek salads, vitamin salads and wherever possible. These two ingredients help regulate blood sugar after eating. Plus, they'll satisfy your hunger for a long time. This method is recommended by nutritionists from Switzerland.

Emphasize on orange and green vegetables. They contain 90% water, which fills the stomach and helps the brain to report satiety. Put them in rice salads, zucchini salads, eggplant salads, vegetable patties, vegetable soups, lentils, cold sandwiches, vegetable platters.

White and sweet potatoes contain starch, which has the ability to keep you full for hours. Thanks to them, you will reduce your daily calorie intake by 320. Even according to British scientists, potatoes can keep you away from any other food for 24 hours. You can make croquettes, stuffed potatoes, patatnik, potato pie, potato cream soup.

Fish contains omega3 fats, which also help the abdomen to stop growling for hours. People who eat fish usually start feeling hungry again much more slowly than those who eat pork or beef. Eat oven-baked white fish, fish stew, fish soup, fish pie, fish plaki.

The trio of fiber, protein and fat contained in nuts activates satiety, which will also save you some calories during the day. In addition, they increase the metabolism by up to 11 percent.

Add oatmeal. They contain saturating fiber, as well as an ingredient called beta-glucan, which predisposes the body to produce a hormone that satisfies hunger.

Do not forget about the abundance of legumes. They are also extremely successful in satisfying hunger. They are well balanced in terms of fiber and protein. According to research in Spain, they also improve the metabolism. You will achieve a feeling of satiety with dishes such as bean soup, beans in a pot, pea stew, lentil stew, lentil patties, chickpea salad and chickpea stew.

Soup for satisfying hunger

Eggs are full of protein. According to studies published in the American media, eating eggs can regulate appetite for up to 36 hours. To eat more, you can prepare poached eggs, frittata, egg soup, mushroom omelette, stuffed eggs.

Here are some tricks to satisfy your hunger, in a healthy way and without gaining extra pounds!

Add fiber to your diet - Fiber reduces appetite and is an extremely important component of a healthy diet. So make sure your diets are high in fiber, including vegetables, fruit, grains (chickpeas, peas, beans) and whole grains in your daily diet. These foods contain a large amount of water, so they will ensure you feel full longer.

Suppress your appetite with... soup! - Soup is one of the best ideas for low-calorie and satiating foods. It is no coincidence that there are so many diets with soups. In addition to keeping you extremely healthy, the soup helps you not to overeat. Keep in mind, however, that we are not talking about traditional soups with excess flour and cream, but about ordinary dishes such as economical soup, gazpacho, tomato soup, mushroom soup, borscht without meat, clear soup, soup without thickener, angel soup.

Fight hunger with salad! - Serve a large bowl of salad before the main meal. It will help you reduce the feeling of hunger and in addition will give you a high intake of vitamins and nutrients, which are good for your health.

Oranges and grapefruit make you feel full - These two fruit are extremely high in fiber. Eating oranges and grapefruits will make you feel full much faster and keep your blood sugar level normal.

Walnuts give you a feeling of satiety - full of fiber, protein, vitamins and minerals, walnuts are the perfect choice when you want to get a feeling of satiety without too many calories. Walnuts can also be consumed between meals as snacks.

Eat slower and chew a lot more! Eating fast is extremely wrong because your brain does not receive information about satiety and you will probably eat much more than you need. This not only leads to the accumulation of extra calories, but can also cause great digestive discomfort.

Eating is healthy. But overeating is never a good idea. Try to follow a strict schedule for your daily diet, eat three meals a day and do not overdo it with delicious snacks in between. Remember that you need to satisfy your hunger with healthy low fat foods that do not affect your figure or health!

Sometimes we feel like eating more for specific reasons.

Here's how to create a feeling of satiety according to the various sources of hunger:

Hunger from boredom

Do not eat out of boredom

We are bored and from lack of interesting activities we imagine that we are hungry. We can deal with the problem and create a feeling of satiety by calling a loved one and talking, going for a walk, making a list of places we travel to, or engaging in activities, which make us get out of our comfort zone. When you challenge yourself, you will forget about the imaginary hunger.

Nervous hunger

Occurs when you become irritable due to low blood sugar and stop having sober thoughts. It happens to some people, they become very nervous when they are hungry. This is a problem that needs to be controlled, because it can affect relationships, family life: recent studies (at the University of Ohio) show that married people with lower blood glucose levels are more likely to be aggressive towards their life partner.

Afternoon hunger

At work, around 3 o'clock in the afternoon, when the energy level drops, many feel the need to go and buy something to eat (and often get something sweet - cream cakes, walnut cakes, a piece of no-bake cheesecake). Dr. Michelle May, a nutritionist, recommends predict these situations and preparing for them by keeping a protein-rich breakfast on hand: nuts and hazelnuts, small portions of cheese, plain yogurt. Protein keeps us full, until dinner time and helps us eat less at dinner.

Hunger associated with PMS

A specific problem for women: hormonal changes that occur a few days before menstruation can cause more hunger and appetite, which are not usually directed at healthy foods.

There is no need to deprive yourself of food now, experts say. You can eat a little more; after menstruation, when you restore your hormonal balance, you will also restore your nutritional balance.