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What Do Pear Leaves Help With?

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What Do Pear Leaves Help With?

The gift of the gods - this is how Homer calls the pear in his poems. The ancient Greek sage is quite right, the pear is a delicious and aromatic fruit that is eaten with relish.

Fresh aromatic fruit will raise a person's mood, remove tension and have a beneficial effect on the body. For palpitations it is good to eat a pear, it calms the heart muscle.

For all kinds of health complaints, from those related to colds to serious diseases such as tuberculosis, it is recommended to eat pears. Fresh, boiled, baked - all are healthy.

Not only the fruit of this remarkable fruit tree is useful and pleasant. All parts of the pear are used to solve health problems of any kind. We will focus on pear leaves and their benefits.

What do pear leaves help with?

Pear leaves have a number of uses in folk medicine. Among the recipes, some stand out, which are especially often used.

Leaves of the pear tree are very valuable in various inflammatory diseases - bladder infections, cystitis and inflammation of the prostate gland are successfully treated with pear leaves. 40 grams of leaves from the tree are cut into small pieces and boiled in 1 liter of water for 10 minutes. The entire potion is drunk within the day;

• The decoction of the leaves of the pear tree is suitable for drinking in case of sore throat, and in case of angina it is used as a gargle to cleanse the purulent plaques;

Pear Leaves

• Doctors from India found that the young pear leaves contain phenol, which has a diuretic effect, acts as a urinary disinfectant and thus soothes spasms in the bladder;

Decoction of pear leaves in a ratio of 1:10 (leaves and boiling water in this ratio) dissolve stones in the bladder. For more serious complaints, ground dried apples and fruit peels can be added to enhance the effect;

• For skin diseases (dermatitis) and fungal infections, the leaves of the tree are used for treatment. Pear is a natural antibiotic and this quality of its is successfully used for external application. For such complaints, a decoction of 1 cup of leaves (young or dried) and 1/2 liter of boiling water is prepared. Boil for 2-3 minutes on low heat. Compresses are applied to problem areas with the cooled mixture;

This wonderful aromatic fruit is really very healthy, but people who have diseases of the digestive system should be careful with its use.

And now the champions among pear delicacies come to your attention:

- pear cake;

- pear pie;

- poached pears.