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Broccoli Cleanse the Lungs

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Broccoli are beneficial to the lungs, cleansing them using the substances they contain. If you are of the people that regularly smoke cigarettes, then eat broccoli more often.

They contain sulforaphane, which is known for its ability to trigger or catalyze the function of macrophages.

In fact, lung health depends mostly on them. Macrophages are white blood cells that eliminate bacteria and the debris they release and that accumulates on the organs of the respiratory system, making it more difficult for them to function properly.

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If you've been smoking for many years, the function of your macrophages has become extremely hindered. The harmful substances and chemicals that end up in your lungs along with cigarette smoke disrupt the function of the system responsible for the activity of white blood cells and therefore, the cleansing of your lungs.

But when you regularly eat broccoli, you provide a significant amount of sulforaphane for your body. In this way you naturally stimulate the processes related to purifying the lungs and they function at a better level. Sulforaphane can also be used successfully for the treatment of several lung diseases.

Broccoli also decrease the risk of lung cancer in smokers - especially raw broccoli and cabbage. In smokers and former smokers, the percent of the decreased risk of lung cancer varies between 20 and 55%, depending on the types of vegetables consumed, how long and how many cigarettes per day the person smokes.

Broccoli are not medicine but are a positive factor for smokers who are unable to quit this harmful habit.