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Radishes - Tasty and Very Healthy

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Nadia Galinova
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Radishes - Tasty and Very Healthy

In addition to their unique taste during the spring season, radishes also delight us with their many benefits. Radishes themselves contain B vitamins, as well as certain amounts of vitamin C, making them a natural cold, virus and flu remedy.

Eating radishes provides the body with vital substances such as potassium, zinc, phosphorus and folic acid. The presence of water in their composition helps to hydrate the skin. Consuming radishes has a beneficial effect on the stomach and liver.

A popular property of radishes is blood purification and charging with fresh oxygen. These vegetables are also recommended for jaundice, problems with the urinary tract or constipation.

100 g of radishes contain only 16 calories and 15 mg vitamin C, which makes them a suitable product for diets and maintaining a healthy weight. They are a good source of antioxidants, minerals, vitamins and dietary fiber.

In addition, essential oil is found in them, which enhances the secretion of the digestive glands and improves the activity of the digestive system.

Radish benefits

It is a little known fact that, apart from raw, radishes can also be added as an ingredient to various dishes. They can be boiled, pickled, steamed or stewed. When cooked, radishes lose their spicy flavor and become softer. They make a great Roasted Meat Side Dish or for Steamed Fish. Goes perfectly with minced meat roll and roasted beef.

In most cases, we are used to consuming the fleshy part with a round or pear shape. However, all parts of radishes are edible.

The benefits of eating radishes are many. They are proven to combat stress and have antioxidant properties. This makes them a wonderful tool for the prevention of cancer and inflammation. They help slow the growth of tumor cells in colon cancer.

When buying radishes, choose hard, fresh and without many scars. They are stored in the refrigerator, in the vegetable compartment. They are good for about two weeks.

Why we should eat radishes

Remember that radishes are among the most important items in spring salads. Be sure to make Easter Salad as well as Green Salad with them. All radish salads are healthy and delicious!