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Pine Nuts - Exotic, but Very Healthy

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Pine nuts

Pine nuts are exotic nuts, gaining ever more popularity among healthy food lovers. They are also highly valued by fans of the culinary arts, since they possess a wide range of applications. Aside from their fine taste, they are prized for the numerous benefits they provide the body.

Pine nuts are edible seeds from certain species of coniferous trees of the Pinaceae family. The largest production comes from North China, where the Pine nuts are obtained from the Korean pine.

These exotic nuts and their healing properties were known to the people of antiquity. These properties they owe to the contained therein easily digestible proteins. When compared to other nuts, pine nuts are the richest source of these.

Roasted pine nuts

Those same proteins contain a high amount of amino acids, especially arginine. This particular amino acid is among the major ones responsible for the correct development of the human body. Because of this, Pine nuts are recommended for pregnant women, children and adolescents.

Pine nuts further contain all kinds of vitamins, a number of minerals, cellulose, fructose, glucose, dextran, sucrose, starch, dextrin and others. Pine nut oil contains a high amount of polyunsaturated fatty acids, especially linolenic.

All of these components determine the benefits that pine nuts provide the body. Their intake has been proven to improve metabolism. They also improve cardiovascular, nervous, digestive and excretory system function. They fortify muscles, while at the same time aiding the processes of growth of the body. In addition, they are a powerful aphrodisiac. Their consumption has a positive effect on male potency.

Pine Nuts - Exotic, but Very Healthy

Pine nuts are among the most caloric nuts. Their exotic, unique taste makes them a favorite addition to heaps of sauces and dishes. They are one of the main ingredients of the popular pesto sauce. They can be added to confectioneries, in the preparation of various desserts and chocolates.



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