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Health Benefits of Kava-Kava

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Kava-kava Tea

Kava-kava is an herb that is becoming ever more popular. In many areas throughout the world it is used as a natural antidepressant and its properties have been recognized by many doctors. Its country of origin is Polynesia but it is already famous worldwide.

Tea made from kava-kava is very beneficial to the body. To make it, roots of the plant are used, which have a calming and antidepressant effect on the body.

The active ingredient in the plant is called kavalactone and it is the one responsible for the growing popularity of kava-kava. It affects the body half an hour after consuming tea made from the plant and the effect lasts about eight hours without causing harm to the body.

The effects of kava-kava have been compared to the effects of sedatives, the difference being that no one becomes addicted to the plant. Kava-kava is also used for insomnia, where a more concentrated dose is drunk and the effect occurs half an hour later.


Kava-kava has an additional benefit to the body - after you relax and fall asleep thanks to this precious herb you will feel full of energy once you wake up.

In some countries, selling roots of the plant is prohibited, along with supplements made from it, since there are unconfirmed data about a negative effect on the liver if large quantities are ingested too frequently.


But the herb is exceptionally popular in most countries since it has an incredible effect on people with a sensitive nervous system and insomnia. The key is not to go overboard with drinking tea from the herb.

After drinking kava-kava tea, a person feels pleasantly relaxed, while at the same time not losing the ability of clear thought. In many countries, kava-kava is popular for its ability to get rid of nervousness and is used by people who are anxious about speaking in front of a large audience.

Besides being a natural antidepressant, kava-kava also has diuretic properties. It has wondrous effects on the urinary system during inflammation.

The herb is also used by women who feel pain during their monthly period.