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This Onion and Honey Syrup Cleanses The Lungs of Smokers

Nadia Galinova
Translated by
Nadia Galinova
Lung cleansing

If you are a smoker, this recipe is just for you. It is easy to prepare at home and the products are available in every kitchen. It expels the secretions from the lungs of smokers. It is good to prepare in the winter, when you catch a viral infection with a cough and a runny nose.

The necessary products are: 1/2 kg of onions, 1/2 kg of brown sugar, 1 liter and 500 ml of water, the juice from 2 lemons, 7 tbsp. homemade honey.

Preparation: Pour the sugar into a suitable saucepan and place it on medium heat to caramelize, while stirring occasionally until a light caramel forms. Add peeled and finely chopped onion and stir it with a wooden stirrer.


After a minute, carefully so it doesn't spray, add the water, stir and simmer over medium heat until 2/3 of the liquid remains and the other 1/3 evaporates.

Strain through a colander, remove the onion and add the juice from both of the lemons and add homemade honey. Mix everything very well until the honey dissolves.


Pour it into a glass bottle and leave it to cool in the refrigerator.

To cleanse the lungs, drink 1 tbsp. before each meal on an empty stomach. Drink until the syrup runs out. You can prepare the next dose after 3 months.

Stay healthy!