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Hypoallergenic Main Dishes

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Hypoallergenic Main Dishes - Chicken with Rice

Allergies are the diseases of modern times. They develop for a variety of reasons, and many allergens are found in foods. At the same time, many healthy food products are recommended to suppress the symptoms of allergies and they are called hypoallergenic foods.

Hypoallergenic is this food that improves digestion and eliminates substances that cause allergic reactions. There are foods that are generally low allergenic and those that are highly allergenic.

When choosing the products to make up the menu, it should be taken into account that eggs, caviar, fish, orange and red vegetables, which are usually included in the main dishes, are highly allergenic. This preliminary basic knowledge helps in preparing the menu with hypoallergenic dishes. Sugar products and dairy products are also allergens.

Suitable products when preparing a menu for hypoallergenic foods are tender pork, chicken and beef, kidneys and liver. Hypoallergenic products are also semolina, barley, rice and oatmeal.

Cabbage, turnip, cucumber, pumpkin, zucchini, spinach can be consumed from the vegetables that are an ingredient in most main dishes. The hypoallergenic spices include parsley, dill, lettuce. Yogurt and white cheese are also an option to include in the diet.

It should also be known that hypoallergenic foods as a system of nutrition are not recommended permanently, especially if all measures have not been taken to supply the body with the necessary vitamins, minerals and other nutrients.

In addition, it is necessary to combine protein foods with vegetables in every meal, because under the influence of fiber, an allergen cannot pass into the bloodstream. Varied and wholesome food in the hypoallergenic diet is mandatory to reap all the benefits of the non-specific diet.

hypoallergenic carrot soup

Suitable main dishes include carrot soup, parsley root, broccoli, green beans, steamed meatballs with vegetables, oatmeal, rice with tender chicken or vegetables. Brightly colored foods are excluded for children with food allergies.

Fresh beef replaces rabbit in main dish recipes. These are general guidelines, because all prescriptions are strictly individual and depend on the result of the diagnosis.

A skin test for allergy to a certain food is done by placing a small piece of it on the skin of the back or forearm. Redness or swelling on the skin is indicative of an allergy to this food product and it is excluded.