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Popular Scandinavian Dishes

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Scandinavian Food

To separate Norwegian, Danish and Swedish cuisines is nearly impossible since they basically do not exist individually. Instead they have one that unites all Scandinavian nations - Scandinavian cuisine.

Food collected throughout the summer and fall needed to last the long and harsh winter, which is why they learned to can and store it. Of course, no matter how similar the culinary temptations from these regions may be, each country has its own characteristic dish that it takes pride in.

According to nutritionists, the culinary habits of Scandinavians not only lead to weight loss but also protect against cardiovascular diseases, meaning Scandinavian cuisine is very healthy.

Generally, the refrigerators of the people living in those geographical areas contain fruits, fish and meat that thrive even in colder meteorological conditions.

Salmon in Bacon

Norway is a country where people's diet consists mainly of fish. Most common are dishes with herring, prepared in different ways, cod, halibut and turbot. One of the traditional fish dishes is klippfisk - cod with its head and innards removed, spread open like a book and then dried. Another remarkable dish is rakfisk - trout buried in soil for up to a year.

Finnish dishes are rarely made abroad. Fish from the sea (herring) and the many glacial lakes (salmon and trout) is always welcome at the Finnish dining table.

Beetroot Salad

Finland is the country of dark bread and various small crunchy breads. As far as dairy products, viili is incredibly popular - a sour sweet dairy product consumed raw or in desserts.

A delicacy in Denmark is salmon submerged in a clay pot filled with honey. The tightly sealed pot is then buried in the earth for several months where temperatures are low. After taking it out, the meat of the salmon will have gained a specific aroma and taste.

Swedish cuisine is simple and easy, possessing the main traits of rural cuisine and foods - bread, sausages, cheese, fish and game. The Swedish often have mince, unique sweets and local products such as wild berries, mushrooms, herbs and dairy products on their kitchen tables.

Let us offer you 3 excellent recipes: Scandinavian-style meatballs, Scandinavian-style moussaka, Scandinavia salad.