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Eating regimes and diets for health problems and stomach issues. Learn how to eat healthy - what to emphasize on and what to avoid. Check out our simple health tips collection. If you are suffering from, or have concerns about a particular health problem, consult a specialist when choosing a diet! Health tips for a safe and healthy life!
How to Recognize Magnesium DeficiencyHow to Recognize Magnesium Deficiency
23 Nov.
Magnesium deficiency symptoms. What are the risk groups at risk of magnesium deficiency? Doses of magnesium for different age groups. Foods with magnesium.
Fat Burning FoodsFat Burning Foods
21 Nov.
For the digestion and absorption of proteins, the body uses up to 25 percent more energy than the digestion and absorption of carbohydrates.
Milk Allergy - Symptoms and TipsMilk Allergy - Symptoms and Tips
20 Nov.
If we have to define this type of allergy, then milk allergy is expressed in an abnormal reaction of the immune system to milk and dairy products. Milk allergy - symptoms and tips:
Fruit and Vegetable Juices - Doses, Composition and BenefitsFruit and Vegetable Juices - Doses, Composition and Benefits
16 Nov.
Most people think that homemade natural juices are healthy in any amount, or at least harmless. But this is a myth. The same juice can help in certain cases and harm in others.
The Most Common Food Allergies in ChildrenThe Most Common Food Allergies in Children
16 Nov.
Nowadays, food allergies are more and more common in children. According to statistics, 1 in every 13 children has a food allergy. See which are the most common food allergies in children.
Fish Allergy - What You Need to KnowFish Allergy - What You Need to Know
16 Nov.
Allergy to fish is one of the most severe. Fish allergy is an allergic reaction to a certain protein. Causes of fish allergy. Fish allergy symptoms.
Peanut AllergyPeanut Allergy
16 Nov.
Peanuts are one of the most common allergens. An allergic reaction can occur after eating peanuts, touching them, taking medications.
Tree Nut AllergyTree Nut Allergy
16 Nov.
An allergic reaction to nuts can occur to most types of nuts. A very small percentage of the population has a tree nut allergy. Tree nut allergy symptoms.
Lactose IntoleranceLactose Intolerance
13 Nov.
Symptoms of lactose intolerance. How is lactose intolerance controlled? Lactose and lactose intolerance. Lactose intolerance in newborns and young children.
Soy Allergy - What We Need to KnowSoy Allergy - What We Need to Know
26 Oct.
Soy is one of the healthiest foods. However, it also belongs to the foods that cause allergies most often. Here's what you need to know about soy allergy. Symptoms of allergy to soy products.