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Cooking Ideas

Cooking Ideas

Wondering what to cook? Discover interesting, traditional and unconventional suggestions to grace your dinner table with, only from Bonapeti.
Culinary Use of Black Trumpet MushroomCulinary Use of Black Trumpet Mushroom
21 Apr.
The taste of trumpet mushrooms is often compared to truffles. You can buy mushrooms cultivated from mushroom gardens. Here are some ideas of what you can cook with trumpet mushrooms.
What is Pumpkin Treacle and How is it Made?What is Pumpkin Treacle and How is it Made?
14 Mar.
Pumpkin treackle is simply pumpkin jam. It is of typical local origin from southern Bulgaria. It is also known as pekmez or majun. Nowadays this delicious sweet temptation is a little forgotten about.
Sweet Temptations with StrawberriesSweet Temptations with Strawberries
14 Mar.
If you happen to come across those not-so-tasty fruit, here are some ways to use them up, by turning them into desserts. Of course, our suggestions will also work with the delicious sweet strawberries.
Irresistible Spreads with WalnutsIrresistible Spreads with Walnuts
03 Mar.
If you unleash your culinary enthusiasm a little, you will find that walnuts are also very suitable for making mouth-watering spreads. Here are some ideas for walnut spreads.
How to Make Flourless BreadHow to Make Flourless Bread
27 Feb.
Making bread without flour may seem laborious or impossible for some of you. Flourless bread has gained popularity in recent years as more and more people look for gluten-free options.
How to Make Soy Mince and PattiesHow to Make Soy Mince and Patties
05 Feb.
To prepare soy patties, you can use ready-made soy mince, or you can make it yourself. Soy is very healthy and contains many healthy substances that are also found in meat.
How to Use Soy MilkHow to Use Soy Milk
02 Feb.
Soy milk is a popular plant-based alternative to cow's milk. Soy milk is commonly consumed and recommended for those who are lactose intolerant. How to use soy milk.
How to Make Dietary Pancakes?How to Make Dietary Pancakes?
26 Jan.
Pancakes are undoubtedly the most common recipe, as well as one of the most beloved desserts. How to make dietary pancakes?
Stuffing Ideas for Stuffed CarpStuffing Ideas for Stuffed Carp
22 Jan.
Stuffed carp with a delicious stuffing is a must for St. Nicholas Day, but not only. Here are some recipes for delicious stuffing for stuffed carp that you might not have thought you could make.
What to Cook with Leftover PotatoesWhat to Cook with Leftover Potatoes
16 Jan.
The leftover potatoes from last night's dinner can be included in unexpected culinary recipes. With leftover potatoes and a little imagination, you will create mouth-watering new dishes and suggestions for lunch or dinner.