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Cooking Ideas

Cooking Ideas

Wondering what to cook? Discover interesting, traditional and unconventional suggestions to grace your dinner table with, only from Bonapeti.
Ideas for Easy and Tasty Keto DinnerIdeas for Easy and Tasty Keto Dinner
16 Nov.
Think the keto diet is impossible to follow? Think again. The ketogenic diet includes foods that are high in fat, moderate in protein, and low in carbohydrates.
Tasty Air Fryer Recipe IdeasTasty Air Fryer Recipe Ideas
23 Oct.
With an air fryer, we can cook a huge range of different dishes - from appetizers to the main course. Air fryer recipes are healthy and save time.
The Best Garnishes for SteaksThe Best Garnishes for Steaks
22 Oct.
Steaks are traditionally served with a side dish of rice or potatoes, as well as stewed vegetables. You can diversify this classic with a little fantasy and additional products for a more original taste.
Marinades for Tender and Tasty DuckMarinades for Tender and Tasty Duck
13 Oct.
Duck meat becomes much tastier and more tender if it is pre-soaked in the marinade before cooking. Fruity flavors are indispensable for duck, they make it juicy and with an interesting aroma.
How to Cook Red BeansHow to Cook Red Beans
10 Oct.
Red beans are recommended for a vegetarian diet as they are rich in protein. Red beans are a suitable food for the diet people who are sick. How are red beans cooked?
How to Prepare Healthy Rustic Sourdough BreadHow to Prepare Healthy Rustic Sourdough Bread
05 Oct.
Factory bread in plastic wrap is terrible! It makes a person fat, difficult to digest, and if it is soft, a ball remains in the stomach. This does not apply to the rustic, homemade bread known as sourdough bread.
How to Make Sunflower TahiniHow to Make Sunflower Tahini
01 Sept.
Sunflower tahini is less popular, cheaper, darker in color and heavier in flavor. But this does not mean that it is not useful and tasty.
How to Make Easy Melon or Watermelon Ice CreamHow to Make Easy Melon or Watermelon Ice Cream
26 July
How to make watermelon or melon ice cream that refreshes you perfectly in the summer heat. An easy recipe for creamy ice cream with watermelon or melon. Idea for vegan watermelon and melon ice cream. Dietary fruit sorbet from watermelon or melon
What Can I Cook Quickly With Minced Meat?What Can I Cook Quickly With Minced Meat?
11 May
Here are some quick food ideas with minced meat to surprise your family and make them happy and why not surprise your unexpected guests as well.
Quick Chicken Dinner IdeasQuick Chicken Dinner Ideas
08 May
Chicken meat has long been known for its dietary qualities and it is a good alternative for people who prefer lighter and less stressful foods.