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  • LyubomirLyubomirsubmitted new forum topic: What quick desserts do you prepare?2 years agoI love desserts, but I rarely have time to make them, so I've been experimenting with different recipes lately. What quick desserts do you prepare? I make different mousses, pancakes and waffles.
  • LyubomirLyubomirsubmitted new forum topic: Bacteria on cutting boards?2 years agoHave you heard about the bacterial adherence and viability on cutting boards .... I know it is prevented by using separate ones for different products - if anyone has experience please share .... and does it also apply to plastic boards?
  • /LyubomirLyubomirsubmitted new forum topic: How do you most often cook potatoes?2 years agoI definitely fry potatoes in a deep fryer, it's quick and easy and everyone likes them. In winter, I prepare a salad of boiled potatoes with leeks and less often sauteed potatoes - although I love them.
  • /LyubomirLyubomirsubmitted new forum topic: In what dishes do you use soy sauce?2 years agoDo you like soy sauce? What dishes do you use it in?
  • /LyubomirLyubomirsubmitted new forum topic: What coffee do you drink? Recommend quality coffee2 years agoShare which coffee you like and why? Which coffee do you think is quality and can you buy quality coffee at a decent price? What are your favorite coffee brands?
  • /LyubomirLyubomirsubmitted new forum topic: Do you use bay leaf and what dishes do you add it to?2 years agoI like its flavor in pork with cabbage and some pickles. It has a slightly specific aroma, like any spice and it doesn't suit every dish.
  • /LyubomirLyubomirsubmitted new forum topic: Do you like beets and what do you prepare with them?2 years agoAre beets healthy and what do you prepare from them? In addition to salads, there are many recipes, which we do not know. I would be happy if you share experience.
  • /LyubomirLyubomirsubmitted new forum topic: Have you tried Bulletproof Coffee?2 years agoBulletproof coffee is generally coffee with a spoonful of coconut oil or butter, without any sweetener. Have you tried the drink and how does your body react to it specifically? Do you like it yourself?
  • /LyubomirLyubomirsubmitted new forum topic: How to make sourdough bread?2 years agoI suggest adding a topic for preparing unleavened dough. .I found a lot of things on the subject, but I myself was not able to prepare a good sourdough. Can you share your
  • /LyubomirLyubomirsubmitted new forum topic: When should we let the kids in the kitchen?2 years agoChildren are easily excited and can't wait to learn new skills. It's good to let them help us
    from a young age. But it's great when we feel that they are old enough to attempt some
    simple recipes all by themselves. But how old should they be?