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How to Cook Red Beans

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How to Cook Red Beans

Beans are one of the most popular legumes in many parts of the world. This cultivated plant is grown in different varieties and species. Red beans are one of the varieties of the legume. It is a perfect product that is very good for dietary nutrition and for making a variety of side dishes.

Red beans are recommended in vegetarian diets because they are rich in protein and provide this important element of nutrition that is lacking in people who have given up meat and meat products. To it we add vitamins, fiber, minerals such as potassium and zinc to get an idea of a product that gives us protection against cardiovascular problems, and the substance arginine makes it a suitable food for diabetics.

For heart rhythm disorders and atherosclerosis, red beans are a suitable food for the diet of people who are sick. It can also be given to children, as it is absorbed by the human body at 75 percent.

It does not take much time to cook if done correctly, regardless of the fact that beans are a vegetable that is boiled for a long time to reach a stage of readiness.

There are different ways to prepare red beans. The most popular is to soak the beans the night before before cooking them. This greatly reduces the time it takes to cook. Soaking is done by cleaning the beans, washing them and placing them in a deep container, and then pouring them with water in a ratio of 1:3, i.e. for one cup of beans, for example, add 3 cups of water. The beans should soak for about 12 hours, but no more than 15 hours, so that they do not ferment.

How long and how to cook red beans that have been pre-soaked?

Lean Red Beans

After the beans have soaked for the required time, they are strained from the water and placed in the vessel in which they will be boiled. Add water to cover the beans and after boiling, leave them for about 10 minutes. Then the water is strained, cold water is poured according to the thickness required for the dish and they are left to boil. Boil for about 1 hour until done. If they are not pre-soaked, the cooking time is extended by almost 2 times.

Red beans are not salted during heat treatment, this is done immediately before they are removed from the heat.

How long and how do you cook red beans that have not been pre-soaked?

Beans without pre-soaking can also be cooked faster with some techniques. Cooked like this, red beans are good for salads and side dishes.

Cleaned and washed beans are placed in a pot and water is poured in a ratio of 3:1, repeating the steps as for soaking beans. After changing the water, pour the same amount and boil for about 1-1.5 hours until they are completely cooked. Finally, they are salted with a spoonful of salt. After turning off the heat, the beans are strained from the water. If held in the hand and pressed, they are soft and easily crushed under pressure.

Beans cooked in this way are suitable for both bean salad, delicious bean soup and bean puree, as a meat side dish. The puree is also used as a filling for pies.



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