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How to Cook Bamboo

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Bamboo stew

Bamboo is a perennial plant, mostly grown in greenhouses. In the home or office, it serves as decoration. Chinese bamboo is grown in vases with water.

Besides a fresh addition to your assortment of trees and flowers, bamboo has another use - a culinary one. And since to many it is only known from their visits to Chinese restaurants, here you will find in what recipes it can be included.

Bamboo is crunchy and has an interesting taste. It can be found canned or packaged. When cooking with it, keep in mind that it goes best with typical Chinese ingredients - tofu, mushrooms and others.

Bamboo stew


Ingredients: 3 - 4 carrots, frozen peas, 1 tray of agaricus mushrooms, 1 - 2 red peppers, 1 - 2 packs of bamboo, 1 pack of tofu, tomato sauce (optional), tamari soya sauce, 1 vegetable broth, 1 - 2 garlic cloves, salt, cayenne pepper, basil, savory.

Preparation: Cut the bamboo and carrots into round slices, along with the mushrooms. Put the listed products along with the peas in a saucepan with a little hot water and a little soya sauce - to stew. Once softened, add the red peppers that have been cut into strips, the vegetable broth that has been crushed into powder and the tofu cubes. At the end, throw in the chopped garlic clove. Pour in the desired amount of tomato sauce and spices to taste. Stir everything well and after 2 - 3 min. remove from the heat.

Chicken with bamboo and mushrooms

Ingredients: 9 oz of chicken fillet, 1 small bunch of leeks, 1 onion head, 5.5 oz of mushrooms, 7 oz of canned bamboo, 2 - 3 tablespoons of soya sauce, 3 1/3 tbsp of broth, 1 tbsp starch, vegetable oil.

Chicken with bamboo

Preparation: Fry the chicken in heated oil until pink. Add the onions, bamboo and mushrooms. Fry for 2 - 3 min. Pour in the soya sauce and stir once more. Then add the broth and immediately after, the starch that has been dissolved in 1 tablespoon of water. Stir until thickened, then add the leeks. Stir and remove from the stove.

Serve with boiled rice.

Steamed beef meatballs with bamboo

Ingredients: 12.5 oz of beef mince, 1 chopped stalk of bamboo, 1 tablespoon of light soya sauce, 2 tbsp of corn flour, 3 tbsp of water.

For the sauce: 2 tbsp of light soya sauce, 1 tbsp of sesame oil, 1 stalk of green onions, chopped, 2 pinches of grated ginger.

Preparation: Mix the mince with the bamboo and soya sauce. Blend the water and corn flour and add them to the mince. Place the result in a refrigerator for 2 hours.

Shape meatballs from the mince. Steam for 8 min. The ingredients for the sauce are mixed with 2 tablespoons of the liquid resulting from the steam cooking.



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