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Delicious Ideas for Ten Quick Dishes

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Fried cheese

We don't always have a lot of time to cook up something at home. When you're in a hurry and have to make something tasty, you can choose among these 10 dishes that can be made in no time. Here they are:

1. Poached eggs. One of the quickest-to-make and at the same time a favorite for many, this dish takes less than 10 min. to prepare.

Bean soup

2. Bean soup from peeled beans. A quick and easy dish to cook. Once you try it will become a favorite recipe in no time.

3. Chicken in tomato sauce - another great solution if you don't have a lot of time on hand.

4. Fried cheese. Besides as a stand-alone, it goes exceptionally well with a salad for a garnish.

5. An omelette with wieners and cheese. Egg dishes in general are quite easy to make. Plus they are very healthy and tasty. Omelettes can consist of not only eggs but be combined with wieners, smoked meat, cheese and whatever else you might find in the fridge.

6. Peppers in tomato sauce. Another easy to make dish, especially when using canned ingredients.

Peppers with tomato sauce

7. Rice with vegetable mix. Everyone should have some frozen veggies in their fridge. When there's no other products available, the perfect solution is rice with a fresh vegetable mix from the freezer. Another quick idea, in which you can put frozen vegetables is a quick vegetable soup.

8. Salmon with carrots. The only condition to meet in preparing this one quickly is to remember to have thawed it beforehand. Otherwise, the dish takes several minutes to make and guarantees not only an amazing taste but also many health benefits.

9. Dishes with chicken. Fried chicken bites are another fast dish. They turn out exceptionally tender, delicious and are easy to make.

10. Hunters' style chicken. And the final idea also includes chicken meat, since it's among the fastest cooking meats. The hunters' style chicken recipe includes mushrooms but turns out incredibly delicious even without them.