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Fact and Fiction about Water

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Drinking water

Life on Earth was born out of water. The human body itself is 3/4ths water and it is of extreme importance to almost constantly take in water, in the necessary amounts, in order for the body to rehydrate itself over and over.

Besides being a vital necessity, water has the ability to keep our waistline thin. Drinking water often numbs our sense of hunger, which often leads us to reach for salty snacks or a bag of cookies. Research has proven that 2 cups of water before meals can remove a few pounds of body weight in 2 months.

There are however a few misconceptions which have gained wide popularity and which do not reveal the full truth about water and its consumption.

- The more water, the better.


This claim is half true, half false. Humans cannot live without this essential liquid and we must constantly procure it. On the other hand, excessive drinking of water, without a clear reason, is not particularly healthy. This leads to the loss of minerals, crucial for the body, among which is potassium.

- A minimum of half a gallon of water a day.

This postulate is recommended and varies depending on the needs of the specific person. It is accepted that the quantity of water that an adult needs varies between half a gallon and 0.66 gallons per day. The personal needs of each individual however are determined by factors, such as physical exercise, which increases water needs. Climate is also of consequence - in warmer weather, a person sweats and needs to drink more liquids.

Age is also a decisive factor when it comes to our daily intake of the colorless liquid. With the increase of age, the water in the body decreases. Let us also not forget the sex of the person, which is also key for the amount of water per day. The male body contains a higher quantity of water, which is why men need a greater amount daily.

Water and salad

- Water makes us thinner.

As already mentioned, water has such an effect, but on its own it does not have the properties of a dietary product. The only thing it does is fill up the stomach for a period of time, giving a feeling of satiety and fending off appetite. It has a beneficial effect on the gastrointestinal tract and digestion, also increasing metabolism in this way. By speeding up metabolism, water can be considered a valuable ally in the battle against excess pounds.

- Only water hydrates.

This claim is false. Water is invaluable, but ultimately can be replaced by other liquids for the simple reason that they are made from water as well. Hydrating the body can also be done using juices, as well as fruits and vegetables. Water is released as a result of the chemical processes in the body.

- We drink water only when we are thirsty.

This statement is a bit misleading. The lack of thirst does not always mean that we are hydrated enough. Even if we do not feel that we need to drink water, it is good to remember this, because we can become dehydrated without sensing thirst.