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The Legend of Vanilla

Nadia Galinova
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Nadia Galinova
The Legend of Vanilla

Vanilla is one of the most popular spices in the world. It comes from the forests of Mexico and the legend of its origin is very interesting.

For a long time, beautiful gods and goddesses lived on Earth. The most beautiful among all was Zanat - the heir to the goddess of fertility. However, for her bad fate, the beautiful one fell in love with a mortal and their love was impossible.

Because of her extraordinary origin, the beauty had no right to marry an ordinary boy. However, she loved him so much that she chose to become a beautiful and fragrant flower. Zanat transformed into vanilla to always bring joy to her earthly beloved and his fellow men.

Through this romantic Mexican legend for vanilla the locals pay tribute to the plant. To this day, a festival dedicated to the aromatic and sensual vanilla orchid is organized in some places, which you can also encounter as Zanat.

Vanilla is a type of orchid that is widely used in cooking. It is present in the mythology and rituals of love of the Aztecs. They prepared special aromatic decoctions from it. It is used for refreshing the taste of chocolate. It is believed that it has the magical properties of awakening love and passion, because of its incredible sweet scent. Of course, this applies to true and quality vanilla, not to synthetic vanillin. The artificial vanilla extract has no magical properties of vanilla, even if it smells good.

Vanilla Cake

In the past, women put vanilla scent behind their ears to attract male attention and find a lover faster. The same is the action of foods with vanilla, which are natural aphrodisiacs. The magic dishes for the generation of love are vanilla ice cream, vanilla cream, vanilla pudding and any vanilla cakes.

Today vanilla is one of the most preferred scents. This gift, which Mexico makes in the world, is quickly gaining popularity, amidst the attention of French pastry chefs and vanilla becomes more beloved even than the aroma of roses. Use the captivating love aroma in the preparation of cakes, parfait, puddings and all kinds of delicate desserts.