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The Secrets of the Perfect Breading

Jana G.Jana G.
Nadia Galinova
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Nadia Galinova
Breaded meat

The most basic breading, which is suitable for any product is flour mixed with egg. Another option for this breading is to dip the product in the egg and then in the flour.

The golden crust on the fried products acts as a protective cover, which preserves the good qualities of the prepared meat, fish or vegetables. White cheese, yellow cheese, pieces of fruit and even ice cream can also be breaded.

Breadcrumbs are often used for breading. In addition, different types of flour are used for breading - wheat, corn or rice. Flour-coated products are more tender without a hard outer crust.

There are many breadings that even change the taste of the products. For example, ground nuts give a new flavor to the product and make it much more high in calories.

Sesame seed breading is very tasty and is suitable for both meat and cheese or fruit. Oatmeal wrap the products in a delicate way. To use them for breading, the products must first be rolled in flour, then dipped in an egg and finally in the oatmeal.

Semolina is the most tender breading possible. It is suitable for chicken, seafood, cauliflower - they acquire an unique taste with such breading.

Breaded chicken

The products are rolled in flour, then dipped in the beaten egg or oil and the semolina is poured on top of them in a fine stream so that no lumps form. After frying, a light and tender crispy crust is obtained.

In order to distribute the breading on the products smoothly and not to form lumps, it is best to use not only an egg, but a mixture of egg and milk, which are well beaten together. But for products that contain a high percentage of moisture, no milk is added.

But in cases where it is used, you must observe the proportion - two eggs per 50 ml of milk. If you beat the milk only with yolks, the products will become golden in color and if you make a breading of only with egg whites, the dish will look aristocratic.

If the meat or vegetables are too moist, they should be dried with a napkin, sprinkled with salt and black pepper and left for a few minutes to absorb the spices.

Then they are rolled in the flour, the excess is shaken off, they're dipped in the eggs with milk and rolled in the additional breading. The products are then fried in hot fat on both sides.

For a thicker crust, make a double or triple breading. The breaded product is dipped in an egg and then again in breadcrumbs or flour.