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The Secret of Juicy Meatballs

Nadia Galinova
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Nadia Galinova
Juicy meatballs

Meatballs are delicious dishes of minced meat, onions and spices. They are usually made by frying or grilling. Meatballs are made from greasy minced meat - pork and beef, in a ratio of 60 to 40. To the minced meat is usually added a moist medium of bread, salt, onions or spring onions and an egg, after which the minced meat is kneaded well, so that the meatball does not fall apart during cooking.

Depending on the region, various spices such as parsley, black pepper, savory herb and/or cumin are added. Depending on the recipe, rice, grated potatoes or yellow cheese can be added to the minced meat. When frying them, the meatballs are in flour in advance.

Meatballs are a very popular food. But what is the secret of the juicy meatballs?

The meat

Kneading mince meat

In order for the meatballs to become juicy, the meat from which you will make the minced meat is of special importance. The proportions are 60% pork to 40% beef. But in order for it to be juicy, bacon must be included.

The spices

Another important part of the meatball recipe is the spices. The most important of the spices is savory herb. Meatballs without savory herb are just not right. You can also add black pepper, cumin, onion and parsley.


In order to make them fluffy, there is another ingredient that you can be added to all the other spices that you usually add and that is - beer. It may sound strange to think that beer is consumed only with ready-made meatballs, but once you try them made like that, you will make sure that you do not make that mistake again. When you mix the minced meat with the spices and a little beer, you should let it absorb the spices well. The best option is to refrigerate it for 1 day. A teaspoon of yogurt in the minced meat will also work wonders with your juicy meatballs.

The grill

Grilled meatballs

If you are making grilled meatballs, you need to preheat the grill. If you don't preheat it, you risk then being left raw on the inside. If the grill is too strong, you will burn them on the outside and they will still be raw on the inside.


In order for them to be more fluffy, while kneading the minced meat for the meatballs, add some bread. Use the middle of the bread, not the crust, which is harder. By kneading the meat with the bread, let it stand for at least a day in the refrigerator. This will result in a homogeneous mixture that will not disintegrate when fried and it will form a round meatball.

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