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The Secret of Breaded Fish

Nadia Galinova
Translated by
Nadia Galinova
Breaded white fish

It is known that grilled, baked or steamed fish is particularly good for our health. But fried or breaded fish is also very tasty and preferred. True, it is more caloric, but fish is fish and as long as you do not have allergies to it, it falls into the category of one of the healthiest foods.

However, many of us experience serious difficulties when we decide to prepare breaded fish. It's very easy to just drop the fish in the pan to fry, but making a proper breading is another matter. Either it gets too heavy or it just falls apart in the pan along with the fish. That's why here we will reveal some tricks for the secret of breaded fish:

- It is very important, after you have cleaned and washed the fish, to dry it well. Large fish are deboned as far as possible and breaded either in fillets or slices depending on the type of fish. If it is a small fish, it is breaded whole and previously it is also cleaned, washed and dried;

- The most easy and frequently made breading in frying fish is rolling first in flour, then in beaten eggs and again in flour. For most types of fish, you can even mix the eggs and flour, but you need to be pretty good in the kitchen, in order to hit the right dosage, so that the breading isn't too heavy or too light. Regarding the flour, you can experiment, but for breading fish, cornmeal is definitely preferred for the final rolling. You can also directly add whatever spices you want to it - salt, black pepper, rosemary, etc.;

- The breaded fish in mixed flour, eggs and a little beer is very successful. That way they can be easily prepared even in a deep fryer, but make sure the breading is lighter;

Breaded fish fillets

- Fish that have white meat and a denser texture can also be breaded in sesame seeds. This way, trout, hake, etc. are made very successfully;

- You can bread the fish, which has a more distinct aroma and taste, in ground, peeled almonds. This way, they acquire a gorgeous crispy crust and do not smell unpleasant.

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