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How to Store Garlic and Onions

Nadia Galinova
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Nadia Galinova
Onions and Garlic

Onions and garlic are important components in the preparation of various dishes, without which the taste and aroma are not the same, so it is good to learn to properly store these vegetables in winter and summer.

How to store garlic

Garlic is a bulbous plant characterized by a sharp taste and smell. This spice is widely used in all cuisines, especially in the East, for the preparation of meat and vegetable dishes, in various appetizers and salads.

In order to store your produce, you must correctly choose the place and method of storage. If you grow garlic in your own garden and have a rich harvest, experts advise using several methods at the same time to store garlic in the winter, which will ensure maximum security.

There are several traditional and proven ways to store garlic.

Braid the dried garlic. Garlic stems are not as strong as onions, so it is good to weave in and use twine.


The braids are stored in a dry, cool and well-ventilated room. This method allows you to store the garlic, until the next harvest. Garlic braids can be part of the original decoration of your kitchen.

In boxes, baskets, socks

Garlic heads are placed in shallow wooden or cardboard boxes with small holes, alternating a layer of garlic with a layer of salt or shavings. You can also put the garlic in baskets or nylon stockings and store it in a dry and cool place. From time to time you should examine the garlic heads and remove spoiled and damaged bulbs.

If garlic is well dried in the sun, the appearance of mold is less likely.

If you store garlic in the apartment, choose dry, cool and dark places, away from the heating system and heating appliances. In a relatively warm winter, you can store garlic on the balcony and small quantities in the refrigerator. It should be known that garlic is stored for the longest time at a temperature of 1 to 4°C.

How to store onions


The onion is a perennial herb and is one of the main spices in all cuisines around the world.

For long-term storage, well-dried onions of late varieties are suitable. To determine if onions are well dried, simply put your hand in the pile of onions and if your hand passes between the heads easily and freely, the onions are ready for storage.

Otherwise, it is better to dry them under the sun's rays, which dry and disinfect the surface of the bulbs, by killing pathogens.

You can dry onions in a ventilated place - under a shed, on a porch, in a gazebo or on a balcony.

Storage in baskets and boxes

Onion Storage

It is very efficient to store onions in willow baskets /made of natural material/ - air passes perfectly and they look very beautiful!

You can also use shallow, wooden or plastic boxes with holes. In the boxes, the onions are also well ventilated and they also save space, since the boxes can be stacked on top of each other.

Grandma's Method

Garlic Storage

The old method of storing onions in socks and tights still works well today if you have a pantry.

Cloth or paper bags are also a good means of storage - the air passes perfectly, but the onion layer in each bag should not exceed thirty centimeters.

To store onions, a special polypropylene net for storing vegetables can be used, which guarantees free air movement. It can be seen in time if the onion starts to rot or grow and take timely measures, so that all stocks are not lost.