How to Store Bread

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One of the most important things for the food of generations - bread, is the method of storage. No matter if you bake it yourself, get it from the old bakery down the street, or from the shelf in the supermarket, it is crucial to know how to store it so that it remains fresh longer.

To keep it fresh and tasty, it is necessary to prevent it from having contact with the air. Do not wrap it up in a plastic bag. If you do, the moisture from the inside of the bread will be transferred to the crust and it will soften, while the insides harden.

Bread must be stored in a cool and dry place, as well as not have contact with sunlight. It is good to use a bread box. As well, it is an extremely great idea to keep the bread in its original package, specially if it is made of paper.

Baked bread

If you don't happen to have a bread box, you can use the oven, which is its own kind of bread box.

If when you buy it or take it out for from the oven it is still warm, leave it uncovered until it cools. Thus, you would be safeguarding it from the process of condensation that would make it wet.

Storing bread

The worst place for bread storage is the refrigerator. This will speed up the process of spoilage. Furthermore, bread in the refrigerator dries up and hardens.

Instead of storing it in the fridge, bread can easily be frozen. Wrap it up in aluminum foil and place in the freezer. When stored this way, it can last several months.

Whenever you decide to eat it, thaw it or, as many Americans do, cut off a slice and toast it.

A much less popular method is to freeze a whole bread and then (whenever you want to eat it), remove it from the freezer and place in a 370°F (185 °C) oven. There it is bake the second time, for about 35 - 40 min.

When talking about bread storage, keep in mind that the various types of bread have a different shelf life - from 2 days to a week. Also don't forget about the time that the product has spent in the store. Always check the expiration dates.



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