How to Dry Garlic?

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How to Dry Garlic

We've all heard about the benefits of garlic. We all use it in cooking. If you grow garlic and have a good harvest, but you don't know how to store it for the winter, this article is for you. We will tell you how you can store garlic for the winter by drying it.

When you remove the garlic from the soil, it should spread out in a layer and it should be left for between 3 and 4 hours to dry. When this time is up, the garlic is put away in a place where there is good ventilation and the drying process lasts between 5 and 10 days.

When the green part of the garlic has already dried up, it should be partially removed, by leaving a small stump, which is about 5-6 cm long. Then the heads should be put in nets in a not very large layer and stored in a place that is dry and cool.

- If you want to store garlic for the winter in bunches or braids, then you should not remove the green part, because they serve to attach the individual heads of garlic.

How to dry garlic cloves?

Garlic for the Winter

As with any fruit or vegetable you want to dry, with garlic there is some preparation first. You need to crush the garlic into separate cloves and each clove should be peeled from the scales. If the garlic cloves are very thin or there are injuries on them, then they should be cut. And here's how:

- Grate the garlic on a coarse grater, because if you grind it, a lot of juice is released, which will prevent the garlic from drying well;

- You can cut the garlic into thin slices. This cutting method is very suitable if you have decided to dry the garlic in the oven or if you have an electric dryer;

- You can cut the cloves in half lengthwise. This way of cutting is ideal if you have decided to dry the garlic outdoors;

More methods of drying garlic for the winter

1. Drying garlic naturally. After you have cut the garlic in half lengthwise, you need to lay it out on a flat surface with the cut side up. When it is arranged like that, the garlic is left to dry in a place where it is dry and very well ventilated. It is very important that while the garlic is drying it should not be exposed to direct sunlight. When dried in the shade, garlic retains much more nutrients. It's good to check the garlic every now and then to see if it's ready. Basically, this way of drying garlic takes between 10 and 14 days, it depends on how dry and warm the weather is;

Cutting garlic

2. Drying garlic in the oven. After you have cut the garlic into slices, it should be arranged on a tray lined with baking paper. The oven must be heated to 50-60°C, then the tray with the garlic is placed in it. The oven door should be slightly ajar to prevent the oven from overheating, but also to ensure fresh air. After 40 minutes have passed, after the garlic drying process has started, remove the tray and turn the garlic slices over to the other side. Allow them to cool slightly and place them back into the oven. The time it takes to dry the garlic in the oven is between 3 and 6 hours. This depends on how thickly the garlic is sliced;

3. Drying garlic in a dryer for fruit and vegetables. The garlic cloves should be arranged in a thin layer on the racks of the dryer. The time it takes to dry garlic in a dryer is between 4 and 6 hours. This depends a lot on how big the cloves are.

You can use the dried garlic in winter for garlic soup, garlic bread and vegetable spreads with garlic.



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