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Subtleties of cooking tofu

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The taste of tofu is not strong, very natural, but easily takes in the tastes of other products. Whether you prepare a dish of tofu, which will be sweet, spicy or fried, it is entirely up to your fantasy.

Most importantly for cooking tofu are the spices that give it flavor. With proper use, nobody will guess that the dish is tofu.

Tofu can be salted, stewed, baked or use for stuffing. You infuse it the way you do meat and it has almost the same taste.

You can eat it like cheese or cottage cheese or use it as in the preparation of cheese fritters and puff pastries. It is also used in savory cakes or as filling for a vegetable salad.

pile of tofu

Tofu can replace 80% of other products. In the East, it is called the "meat without bones" and it turns into whatever you wish. Since it is a vegetable, it can be used for cooking vegetarian meals and during fasting.

For filling for cakes, mix tofu with melted chocolate. Use in salads as a substitute for cottage cheese - mix finely chopped tofu with minced parsley, green onions and a little mayonnaise.

Prepare meatballs by replacing half the mince with tofu - so they will be more juicy and low-calorie. You can sauté tofu cubes, cut their cap to cut out part of the interior to fill it with pieces of seafood or vegetables.

Prepare delicious salad: 300 g tofu, 100 g shrimp, 5-6 chopped crab rolls, half an onion, 3 cloves garlic, 3-4 tablespoons of mayonnaise.

Cut all products finely, drain the shrimp and mash with a fork. Mix with mayonnaise, if necessary, salt and if you like, add lemon juice.

Prepare delicious pate: mash 300 grams soft tofu with fork and pour 100 ml of vinegar in. After 30 minutes, drain the excess vinegar. Mix in a blender with a can of tuna. Add chopped onion, carrot, garlic, salt and pepper.