Subtleties of sushi

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Japanese cuisine is unique and attractive to all who love the taste of the unusual. Tasty and appetizing sushi can be prepared at home.

The traditional components are dried salmon, pressed leaves, moreover - shrimp, rice for sushi, caviar beans, wasabi, pickled ginger, crab rolls, soft cheese and soya sauce.

Large rolls are called futo-maki, small ones - hoso-maki. You need a woven bamboo mat for ease of use with the components of sushi.

making sushi

On the bamboo mat is placed a sheet of nori, the flat side must be on the mat.

Wet your fingers with water and place in the bottom of the sheet a third of rice and then additional ingredients. Wrap the nori roll with the bamboo mat, moving from the bottom up. Hold the filling in with your fingers.

Wind slowly, while squeezing tightly. Once the roll is done, it’s placed on a board and cut into smaller rolls.

To prepare sushi rice, use rice that is specifically designed for this purpose. Wash 180 grams of rice in water, until it becomes transparent.

Boil the rice for two minutes in 250 ml of water. Turn off the heat and allow the rice to swell ten minutes under the lid. Remove the lid and leave for another ten minutes.

Mix one teaspoon of salt and a teaspoon of sugar, then two teaspoons rice vinegar. Stir everything and slightly warm. Sift the rice in a bowl, add the marinade and mix. You should get about 450 grams of ready rice.

Rice vinegar can be substituted with cider or wine, as they have a specific flavor. If necessary, you can use normal vinegar, to which you can add a teaspoon of sugar and half a teaspoon of water. Each roll is dippped into a mixture of a little wasabi and soy sauce, and then eat a tiny piece of pickled ginger to cleanse the taste.

Sushi Rolls

Among the most famous are California rolls, which can be prepared at home. Ingredients: half an avocado, 1 cucumber, 250 grams of rice, 4 tablespoons sesame seeds, 1 teaspoon lemon juice, 60 g crab rolls, 1 tablespoon mayonnaise, 2 sheets of nori.

The rolls are cut to length, avocados cleared of their skin and pip, then cut in to long strips and sprinkled with lemon juice.

Cut cucumber lengthwise and then cut into squares. Fry the sesame in a pan without oil. On the bamboo mat, put cling wrap, then put the nori on it.

Rice is divided into two, one is distributed evenly on the nori and gently pressed. The nori is rolled very carefully so that the rice is on the side of the cling film.

On the inside, the nori is coated with half of the mayonnaise on the bottom one third of the leaf, the add the already cut crab rolls, avocado and cucumber. Using the bamboo mat, the rolls are rolled and cut into circles. The rest is stuffed in the second sheet of nori. When ready, roll in sesame.