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What Does Garlic Contain and Why Should We Eat it?

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Garlic consumption

The benefit of garlic is due to the content of the vital chemical compound allicin, which is a wonderful therapeutic agent. Allicin, which contains sulfur, is the culprit behind garlic's aroma.

Humanity has used garlic for more than three thousand years. In the First World War, surgeons used garlic as an antiseptic in treating wounds.

Garlic contains phosphorus, calcium and iron, iodine, sulphur, chlorine, allicin and allisatin. It is useful for diabetes. Diabetes can damage the kidneys, nervous system, heart and vision. Garlic oil helps treat the side effects of diabetes.

Garlic, due to its high level of allicin, prevents the oxidation of harmful cholesterol. All people with a high level of harmful cholesterol should include garlic in their diet.

Garlic is useful for hypertension. When a person has high blood pressure, the allicin in garlic relaxes the blood vessels. Garlic also fights thrombosis.

Daily use of garlic helps to eliminate digestive problems. Even irritations of the digestive tract can be removed with garlic.

Garlic is rich in selenium, quercetin and vitamin C, which helps in the treatment of eye infections and diseases. Garlic is used for earaches, because it has antifungal and antibiotic properties.


You can make your own garlic oil by squeezing the juice from grated garlic and adding it to olive oil. The mixture was stored at room temperature for three days.

Garlic cures dysentery, diarrhea and colitis. Its role in removing worms is simply phenomenal. It does not affect the beneficial organisms in the stomach, but has a destructive effect on harmful bacteria.

For cold and cough consume raw garlic. At the beginning of the disease, eat two raw cloves, this will help you fight the disease faster.

Garlic helps heal wounds, but should be mixed with water as it can irritate the skin. A mask of garlic, honey, liquid cream and turmeric is used to prevent and treat acne.

A glass of milk with three cloves of garlic boiled in it brings relief to asthma sufferers. Garlic enhances sex drive and can be used as a rejuvenator. People who have too much sex should eat a lot of garlic to prevent nervous exhaustion.

Garlic is very useful in its raw form. Just one clove a day has huge benefits for your health. If you add garlic to dishes such as tripe soup, spinach soup or brawn, you should add it at the last moment, so that its beneficial substances are not lost.