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Why Deep Fried Food is bad

Looking for why deep fried food is bad? Check out our 12 ideas for why deep fried food is bad on Bonapeti
Why fried food is badWhy fried food is badBut the question is, why is fried food bad for us?...
Deep Fried CalamariDeep Fried Calamari
Wash the squid, boil in salted water and then drain. Rinse in cold water and cut into halves. Dip in beer and leave it for about 20 minutes...
Deep Fried TomatoesDeep Fried Tomatoes
This garnish is best served with grilled and fried meat, deep fried feta cheese or cheese....
Deep Fried CarrotsDeep Fried Carrots
Boil the carrots and cut them lengthwise into slices. Roll them subsequently first in flour, then dip in egg, breadcrumbs, egg and fry them in hot...
Deep Fried CheeseDeep Fried Cheese
Fried cheese is drained on a kitchen grill. Serve with garnish as desired....
Deep Fried OctopusDeep Fried Octopus
If you are using a large octopus, clean it well and put it to boil for about 20 minutes. Then dissect it into pieces. If you are using small octopi...
Deep Fried Horse MackerelDeep Fried Horse Mackerel
Serve the fried horse mackerel with lemon. Enjoy this fried horse mackerel with spelt and ginger flour....
Deep Fried Onion RingsDeep Fried Onion Rings
Deep fry them in hot oil until they turn golden brown and crispy. Set them on kitchen paper to absorb the excess oil....
Deep Fried Ice CreamDeep Fried Ice Cream
Serve the fried ice cream scoops immediately, garnished with chocolate syrup, cream, etc......
Deep Fried Oyster MushroomsDeep Fried Oyster Mushrooms
Clean the mushrooms and blanch them briefly in boiling water. Roll each mushroom in egg, flour, beer and finally fry them in preheated oil....
Deep Fried Crumbed ChickenDeep Fried Crumbed Chicken
Debone and salt the boiled chicken. Prepare a beer paste by beating the yolks with the beer. To them add the flour, a pinch of salt and finally...
Scottish Deep Fried PotatoesScottish Deep Fried Potatoes
Boil the potatoes until slightly soft, peel them and cut them into pieces or slices, 1/2″ (1 cm) thick, chop the ham finely and mix it with the crushed...


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