How to Dry Herbs?

Nadia Galinova
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Nadia Galinova
Cutting herbs

Herbs are the miraculous ingredients of nature that can help us with a number of problems. These are natural remedies that, unlike others, are cheaper, more enjoyable and sometimes more effective. You can grow them in your garden or buy them, it is important to always have at least a few herbs at home. You can dry basil, savory herb, oregano, thyme and all other herbs you use in your daily life.

Those who follow this rule know that you cannot store and consume herbs if they have not been dried. The good thing is that even in this state, the plants do not lose their useful properties. The question is, how can we dry herbs, if we haven't bought them in this form.

Here are some ways to dry herbs

People are increasingly choosing to dry herbs in the air - the most effective method and the most popular. You need a sheet of paper, a newspaper, a kitchen roll or something to spread the torn leaves of herbs on. Place them in a container, plate or tray, for example and the top should be covered to protect against insects, dust and other contaminants. Put the bowl with the herbs in a place away from light and wind. It is best to turn the leaves on one and then the other side at 12 o'clock so that they do not mold and they dry well. The process takes about 2-3 days. You will find that they have dried out, because they are lighter and make more noise.

A faster way than the above is to dry herbs in the oven. You must be careful here, because if the plants burn, they will lose their useful properties and flavor. This is done by separating the leaves again and placing them in a baking tray. Cover them and let them rest for 30 minutes at 40-50 degrees. After half an hour, turn them over and on again for 30 minutes. After this time has elapsed, turn off the oven and leave it open to cool. In another hour they will be ready.

An almost unknown method is microwave drying. It is very fast and demanding. The principle is the same, the leaves should be on paper and covered with it. Do not leave them for more than a minute, a minute and a half. In case they start to burn, remove them immediately. If after this minute, the plants are not completely dry, you can dry them for another 30 seconds.



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