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Secrets of the delicious mince

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Minced meat is an essential product for many dishes, from delicious meatballs, to pasta and more. It occupies a very important place on our table. Each one of us has happened to buy mince that does not justify his expectations. Yes there is a secret, but it is not only the choice of appropriate spices, but in the correct proportions.

There is no way to achieve a great taste in minced meat, even spicy, if we have not chosen the meat which to do it with beforehand. Mincemeat can be made of any kind of meat, from game to that of domestic birds. As important is the combination of meats and the proportions in which they are mixed.

This first step to getting a tasty minced meat is vital. If you are a people who do not buy ready minced meat, and make your own minced meat (most stores can now make it by your recipe), then you must know that it is quite different in taste, color and odor from the finished type. When you cook a dish with minced meat, better choose the type of meat needed and ask the retailer to mince it. You definitely cannot go wrong.

Rolled sausage

For example, for delicious mince for meatballs a combination pork and veal very suitable. If the pork is lean then mix it in a ratio of 60 to 40 with beef, if not- go for 70 to 30. Tasty mince should be neither too oily nor too dry, it must be juicy.

Delicious sausages can be made with a very good combination of horse, pork and veal. As you make this sausage, it is good to know that the percentage of the driest meat should be greatest. Try by mixing 60% horse, 20% lean pork and 20% beef. Horsemeat is free of fat and contains the purest protein.

Of course, the appropriate choice of spices is important, but here everything is according to individual taste. There are people who like spicy dishes, others prefer those with a more refined taste, so the choice is yours. In general, the best mince herbs overlap largely with those for meat. They allow completion of each course and may be the last "magic" touch for your delicious meat.