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Vanilla Soothes Nerves and Hunger

Nina NordNina Nord
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Many people, especially women, are accustomed to the fact that stress can be relieved by eating something sweet and do so every time they need to relax.

Since stress is a constant companion, not only can you gain weight, but also develop chronic diseases. Instead of eating sweets, you can massage yourself with body butter.

Add extract of vanilla to it, which will decrease your desire to eat something sweet when you're nervous. In some countries, there are vanilla-flavored patches that are applied to the body.

The scent of vanilla produces joyful feelings and in a subtle way creates a sense of satiety. Vanilla is very beneficial for women because it helps to relieve symptoms during the menstrual cycle.

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Furthermore, vanilla makes the skin soft and supple, and small pimples caused by stress disappear. Vanilla works well with jasmine oil and this mixture acts as an aphrodisiac.

The aroma of vanilla has relaxing effects, relieves nervous tension, suppresses negative emotions, awakens creative imagination, intuition and optimism.

If you've had a terrible day, but are off to an important meeting later in the evening, use vanilla oil and everything will be fine. Fragrance lamps with a few drops of vanilla will calm the nerves of naughty children.

A bath with the addition of vanilla oil evokes sensuality and can be an ideal tool to remind your loved one that romance need not be forgotten because of daily rounds.

Mix half a cup of liquid cream with a drop of rose oil and three drops of vanilla. Pour into the warm water in the tub and mix. Get in the tub together with your loved one and enjoy the effect.