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How to Beat Evening Hunger

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It's been proven that health and food are closely linked. It's also been proven that the more we eat the stronger our appetite becomes... until we've finally lost any kind of control over our weight. Among the most unhealthy habits related to excessive eating and weight gain is stuffing ourselves in the evening.

Very often after a hard day at the office, when we haven't had enough time to eat in peace, we get home and immediately open the fridge with a desire to inhale absolutely everything found in it.

At the same time, bedtime is fast approaching and the food we've consumed cannot possibly be burned by our body by then. The unavoidable result is weight gain. Here are several clever tips for curbing our evening hunger:

1. Learn to focus on a solid breakfast - it needs to be the most nutritious food we consume throughout the day. Whatever you choose for breakfast, your body will have all day to process that food, you'll feel charged with energy and won't feel nearly as hungry during the afternoon and evening hours.

2. Get in the habit of having dinner at least 2 hours before going to bed. If you still feel hunger in the later hours, drink 1 cup of low fat milk to give you a feeling of being full.

3. In order to not stuff yourself at dinner, eat 3.5 oz (100 g) of lean meat with a cup of water prior to it. This will charge you with energy and alleviate your ravenous hunger.

4. When preparing your dinner, cut the products into smaller pieces. This way your eyes will send signals to your stomach that you're about to eat greater quantities of food.


5. Eating 1 fruit or drinking a cup of water prevents the stomach from eating large amounts of food in the later hours.

6. Dinner must always be the lightest meal of the day.

7. Eat slowly, enjoying your food. This way you'll truly feel when you're full and you won't get into the habit of stuffing yourself.

8. When preparing meat for dinner, always eat it boiled or roasted. Breaded and fried foods, no matter what they are, are not recommended for consumption at nighttime.

9. Get in the habit of taking a night walk after dinner. This way even if you're not completely full you won't be constantly opening the refrigerator door and you'll forget about the hunger feeling.