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Helpful herbs for diabetes

Nina NordNina Nord
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Spices tend to not only improve the taste of the food, but also prevent many diseases.

Some herbs protect the body from tissue destruction and inflammation caused by the main symptom of diabetes - high blood sugar levels.

Many herbs are not only antioxidants, but also tend to prevent the formation of substances that damage tissues.

Spices do not contain calories, are relatively cheap and a good way to add antioxidants and anti-inflammatory effects to food.


When blood sugar is high, the body begins the process of accession of sugar molecules to proteins - a process known as protein Glicalization.

As a result of this process, substances that activate a immune response are created, leading to inflammation and tissue damage in diabetes. Many herbs have phenol.

It is able to protect the body from infections. One of the most active components in this regard is cinnamon. It can lower blood sugar levels after meals.

Except cinnamon and cloves, other spices contain phenol too. Different spices have different content of phenol. A variety of spices is good for your body.

Lowering blood sugar levels reduces the risk of cardiovascular complications associated with diabetes. Upon accession to protein, the sugar molecules form substances that contribute to the formation of atherosclerotic plaques on the walls of blood vessels.

It is recommended to reduce the intake of salt and increase the use of different spices, which will improve taste of food will be good for your health.

The spice turmeric, is a natural antibiotic. It is useful in diabetes and is a great anti-inflammatory. Bay leaves are also useful in diabetes.