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How to make clove tea and what is it good for?

Nadia Galinova
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Nadia Galinova

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Clove Tea - How to Prepare it and What it is Good for

If until now you thought that clove buds are only used as a spice, then after reading this article, you will have some more knowledge. You can make tea from cloves, which has a lot of health benefits.

Here's how to make clove tea (see the end of the article) and what its benefits are. Surely there are at least a few clove buds in every kitchen.

In Eastern countries, however, cloves have long been used not only as a spice. In Chinese medicine, there are more than one recipe with cloves, which help with a number of ailments. In this article, as we said, you will find out how to make clove tea and you will find out which diseases you can treat with it.

So - let's see, first of all, what other than as a spice you can use cloves for and what medicinal properties it has:

Ginger with cloves

1. Cloves have a bactericidal effect - if you add 1 pinch of cloves in your tea, it naturally acts as a disinfectant. Cloves prevent the spread of bacteria, fungi and eliminates complications arising from bacterial infections;

2. Fights viruses - Another very useful quality that cloves have is that they fight viruses. They provides the body with very good prevention of a number of diseases. Some of these diseases are:

- cold, flu, cough;

- cloves are used for diabetes prevention;

- due to the fact that cloves contain magnesium, calcium, vitamin C and K, also Omega-3, it is recommended for people who have high blood pressure, people who have survived a heart attack and those who are being treated from stroke;

3. Cloves are very helpful in fighting worms and parasites - this is due to the fact that there is an ingredient in cloves called eugenol. This ingredient has the power to destroy round, flatworms and also their larvae. Cloves tincture is very helpful in the prevention of bile;

4. Cloves are very useful if you want to cleanse your body - For this purpose, you should prepare a tea of ​​cloves and ginger;

5. Cloves help a lot with muscle spasms - the substances contained in cloves are very helpful in relieving muscle and blood vessel spasms. This greatly helps people suffering from asthmatic bronchitis and hypertension, which is accompanied by tension in the vessels.

How to make clove tea

Clove tea
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Put 1 tsp. of crushed black tea leaves in a teapot, 1 tsp. of grated ginger, a few cloves and a few grains of cardamom;

Pour this mixture with 500 ml of boiling water and leave it aside for 30 minutes. The clove tea is drunk in small portions throughout the day.

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