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The Different Types of Onions

Nadia Galinova
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Nadia Galinova
Types of onions

The onion is an extremely popular vegetable all over the world. There is almost no dish in which onion is not included and apart from cooking, it is a wonderful helper in healing folk medicine. About 1, 200 types of onions are known, of which we use only a few - sweet onion, leeks, spring onions and Siberian onions (although less often). We will look at the most popular and used types of onions.

Sweet Onion - the heads of the plant are used before winter begins, it has a strong pungent smell and a pungent taste and often when cutting, your eyes start burning.

Red onions

Red Onion – It has a red color and a much less pungent and mild taste than the white one. It is suitable for salads and extremely beneficial for cholesterol problems, as well as cardiovascular diseases.

Yellow Onion – Quite spicy and common, the yellow onion is a perennial herb that has the flavor of white onions and is used in cooking.

Spring onions

Spring Onions - this is actually the young plant of the sweet onion. Its leaves are fresh and green, most abundant in spring and fall.

Leeks – it is most common during the winter period. Leeks are tastiest when they are young - the older stalks have a hard outer layer and are quite spicy.

Siberian Onion (chives) - has a milder taste than spring onions, also used in cooking - as a main vegetable or seasoning. Well known in Europe and Asia, the Siberian onion is suitable for preparing dishes with eggs, potatoes and flavoring salads.

Seed Onions – These are very small bulbs that have the same taste as onions, but are slightly sweeter. Seed onions are planted and the onion sprouts from it, it is also suitable for a side dishes.


chives – they have a slightly different taste than onions and are used very often in folk medicine. They help with ailments such as lung infections, sore throat, swelling and are used in the treatment of dysentery, etc.

Garlic Onion - has a strong smell that distinguishes it from other types of onion. Extremely healthy, it is often used in cooking both raw and cooked.

Garlic onion

Shallot - highly valued in the notorious French cuisine, the shallot is a member of the Allium family. It has a much richer and stronger flavor than regular onions. Shallots are very suitable for stews, soups, sauces and their taste goes perfectly with chicken and fish. In appearance, it is a small tuber with copper-colored skin and a whitish core with reddish streaks.

Samardala – a herb used as a spice. Its leaves are harvested before blooming begins. After chopping, it is mixed with salt and left to dry. The ground spice is used to enhance the flavor of cooked meat, chicken, mushroom, egg, cucumber and tomato salads.