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You Can Lose Weight Healthily with Black Tea! Find out Why

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Black Tea

You've surely heard all kinds of things about black tea. You know that it can stimulate you, that if you drink too much you can raise your heart rate, that it has healthy properties. But have you heard that you can lose weight with it? Few people actually know this fact.

Here's several of the reason why black tea is useful in helping you shed excess pounds.

There are several active ingredients in this toning beverage that actually bolster the effects of your diet. The most important of these are theine, xanthine, flavonoids, vitamins C and B.

When combined, these substances have a very potent diuretic action. Theine especially speeds up cellular metabolism and digestion. The antioxidant properties of the tea, in turn, improve cell function and prevent the build up of fat.

Consumption of black tea lowers the content of lipids in the blood. Aside from this, the beverage's ability to speed up the heart rate increases calorie burning. This doesn't mean that you should drink the toning beverage all day long. Quite the contrary - it needs to be consumed in moderation, as well as combined with physical exercise.

Raw Black Tea

Still, if you're on a light diet already, consumption of black tea guarantees that within 7 days you'll be rid of an extra 6 - 11 lb in addition to whatever your goal was. The main rule - eat 3 times a day, drink a cup of freshly brewed black tea without sugar 20 min. before meals. The total caloric intake of food must not exceed 500 calories per day in this case.

It's important to consume the toning drink responsibly. People with high blood pressure and anemia need to be very careful with black tea. If you have anemia, drink it a long time after a meal, so it doesn't hinder iron absorption.

Due to the theine contained therein, which is identical to caffeine, black tea can cause insomnia. Other undesirable effects are constipation and high stomach acid. Don't drink black tea if you are pregnant or breastfeeding.