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Why is Black Tea so Healthy?

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Black Tea

The 3 healthiest teas in the world are derived from the plant Camellia sinensis. These are black, white and green tea. The difference comes from the time of harvest and the fermentation that the leaves are subjected to.

In black tea, the process of fermentation is full, white tea does not undergo fermentation, while for green tea, all parts of the plant are used and fermentation is short. Black tea is most recommended, no matter if it's cold or hot.

Black tea is exceptionally particular. It is grown in the Himalayan Mountains, at a great altitude above sea level. The area is one of the largest tea producing ones in the world.

The most popular is black tea, mixed with African or Ceylon tea. This blend is similar in taste to English and Irish tea. Pure black tea is widely popular. It goes by the name "Single Estate Tea".

And of course, black tea is a remarkably healthy drink, due to the valuable ingredients found in it. These include polyphenols, theophylline, theobromine, fluorine, a series of micronutrients, catechins and essential oils.

The vitamins C and E are also found in great amounts, as well as caffeine. The specific thing about black tea is that the caffeine in it does not lead to addiction, making it a major alternative to coffee. There are 45 mg of caffeine in an average cup of black tea.

Drinking tea

This high caffeine amount makes it a tonic drink. It excites and fuels the entire body with energy. Further, the catechins have an antioxidant effect.

In China, the people believe that the potent drink protects against cancer and some other diseases. Plus, the aroma has a calming effect. It has been proven that regular consumption of it has countless therapeutic benefits.

On top of it all, black tea noticeably makes one lose weight. Its ingredients lower bad cholesterol and reduce the body's intake of fats to a minimum. To reap the full benefits of this effect, drink it pure, without any sugar, milk, cream etc.

Turning the consumption of black tea into a habit guarantees nothing but benefits. There is plenty of evidence of it being a healthy alternative to other types of drinks.