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The Magical Properties of Mineral Water

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Experts claim that mineral water is very healthy and provides the body the necessary minerals.

Mineral water has a rich content of calcium and fluoride, meaning it should be consumed most by women, children and adults. Drinking an average of 2 1/2 cups (600 ml) of mineral water per day is accepted. It is exceptionally beneficial for the human body.

It is particularly important for children to drink mineral water because they have the greatest need of calcium, iron, zinc and fluoride for their development. The fluoride contained in mineral water helps tooth development, while the calcium strengthens bone structure. But excessive consumption of it also has its down sides.

Pregnant women should also drink mineral water. They have more need of healthy foods, liquids, minerals and vitamins.


The minerals contained in mineral water also have a beneficial effect on the skin. There is a higher observed tendency of kidney stones forming in people who don't drink enough quantities of mineral water.