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The Healing Properties of Celery

Djemile CheshlievaDjemile Cheshlieva
Nadia Galinova
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Nadia Galinova
The healing properties of celery

Celery is among the vegetables, which are consumed very often. We know mainly two types of celery - leaf and root and both types of celery are widely used in cooking. Their seeds have been used in the treatment of many diseases since ancient times. Celery is low in calories.

Winter vegetables are among the favorites of many people and celery is an indispensable helper in the kitchen as a spice for vegetable soups, marinades and even stand-alone dishes. Regular consumption of celery has a number of benefits for the body.

Celery is an excellent source of vitamins A and B. The content of these vitamins in celery helps to meet much of the body's daily needs. In addition, they also contain a lot of potassium, sodium, calcium and magnesium and various minerals. Use it for asthma, because it has a beneficial effect on this disease.

Celery consumption is good for the heart and blood vessels, , because it reduces the risk of heart attack and stroke. In addition, celery controls blood pressure, it is a natural antioxidant and an excellent diuretic. Celery helps to eliminate excess fluid from the body, in addition it helps with urinary tract infections.

Celery regulates fluid balance in the body, increases the secretion of saliva and gastric juice. Vegetables help calm the digestive system, open the appetite and prevent the accumulation of gas and cramps in the intestines. Strengthening the immune system is among the benefits of celery. It is used against diabetes and for stomach pains.

Benefits of celery

Celery is also used in diseases such as dysentery and jaundice. It increases sexual desire, has aphrodisiac properties. It is successfully used to treat wounds and burns. It has antibacterial properties. It has a healing effect against skin problems such as acne, psoriasis and vitiligo, regulates the menstrual cycle.

Among the benefits of celery are:

- thanks to its rich content of minerals celery has relieving properties in chronic fatigue;

- can be used for puffiness of the eyes;

- it has a high fiber content and it has a beneficial effect in nephritis and hepatitis;

- It is useful against gout, improves memory and relieves kidney problems;

- removes toxins from the body;

- It is useful for reducing kidney stones.


Consumption of celery helps to reduce swelling in the body and helps eliminate swelling, also has great benefits in anemia, is useful in inflammation of the urinary tract and has a preventive effect on liver disease.

Studies show that celery juice balances cholesterol by increasing bile secretion. Celery provides protection against cancer. According to studies, it prevents the spread of cancer cells. It has been shown to inhibit the growth of cancer cells. In particular, cancer cells in colon cancer and stomach cancer.

Celery juice contains 21 calories per 100 g, which makes it low in calories. Celery is an ideal vegetable for people who want to lose weight. You can drink celery juice as a means of combating hunger for sweet things.

Pregnant women should not consume celery often, because it increases the risk of miscarriage. Excessive consumption can cause allergic reactions as well.

And to include the healthy celery in your menu more often, you can prepare the following recipes for everyone at home:

- celery salads;

- celery soup;

- starters with celery.