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Find out the Real Health Pros and Cons of Pork Meat!

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There's a whole lot of debate lately about whether meat is healthy or not. And further, if it is, what type of meat we should be eating more of. Unlike Jews and Muslims, Christians love to eat their meat, especially pork. Here's why we've decided to unravel the mystery surrounding whether pork is harmful or actually good for your health:

Pros of Eating Pork

- Unlike all the other types of meat, it is particularly rich in proteins. As well, pig's lard contains arachidonic acid and selenium, which help prevent depression and facilitate cell regeneration.

- Pork is exceptionally rich in group B vitamins and in significantly higher quantities when compared to other meats.

- Even though meat is laborious for the human body to digest, pork ranks near the bottom of the list in that regard. Of course you shouldn't overeat it but you're not going to feel heaviness if you eat just 7 oz (200 g) of pork per day.

Pork Trotters

- By eating one medium serving of pork liver you will have obtained your body's required monthly dosage of vitamin B12.

- Pork meat is even recommended for breastfeeding women because it helps in milk production. Pork trotters are especially recommended for them.

Cons of Eating Pork

- Like all meats, pork is not that easy to digest. The feeling of heaviness in one's stomach is felt particularly during the winter, when many tend to overeat pork dishes.

- Pork contains histamine which leads to allergic reactions. The amount of histamine in pork is also a lot higher than in other types of meat.

- Consumption of pork is not recommended if you're on a diet because most parts of the pig contain a lot of fat.


- If pork isn't prepared properly it can contain parasites and microbes that are harmful to your health.

- These days, pork is shot full of hormones, en masse. The harmful effects of this are enormous for people who consume it, no matter how they do so.