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The Benefits of Eggs and Eggshells for Our Health

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The Benefits of Eggs and Eggshells for Our Health

You have to eat eggs to be in great shape! Eggs are full of vitamins and minerals that are perfectly absorbed by the body.

Scientists have proven that eggs do not cause an increase in cholesterol levels. However, there is also the opposite opinion, that they are not a very healthy food. Don't be afraid of them! It is enough to have one egg for breakfast to provide the body with many valuable nutrients for the day. The substances contained in them protect the heart, eyes and other organs.

Benefits of eggshells

The benefits of eating eggshells have long been in folk medicine. Here are examples of effective eggshell treatments, which will enable you to enjoy good health.

Shells help bones and joints and will compensate for micronutrient deficiencies. Eggshells are a valuable natural source of calcium for humans. In addition to this - they are completely absorbed by the human body. The shell also contains other trace elements valuable for the body - iron, copper, fluorine, zinc and silicon.

In addition to a solid dose of calcium, eggshells contains strontium, a chemical element that has been used successfully in the treatment of osteoporosis for many years. This is an effective remedy, as it not only prevents the weakening of bones, but also accelerates their regeneration.

Scientists have proven that the ratio of bone-important components in eggs is even more beneficial than in drugs from the pharmacy. In turn, the membrane lining the egg shell is a source of nutrients that restore joints, as the shell is a supplier of hyaluronic acid and collagen. It is important to remember that shell treatment does not cause any side effects and is 100% safe.

Why add eggs to the menu? To eliminate the lack of calcium in the body, it is enough to add 1/4 eggshell powder to food (for example, to yogurt or a sandwich) every day.

How to prepare eggshell powder?

Eggs and eggshells for our health
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Soak fresh and washed eggshells for a few minutes in boiling water, then dry them and grind them in a blender.

Why are eggs healthier than meat?

Eggs can be an essential source of protein for people suffering from joint pain. They stop the attacks of the so-called gout. Unlike meat, eggs do not contain purines that cause pain attacks. Improving memory, strengthening the heart, stopping diseases.

Including eggs in the diet provides the body with many useful substances. Eggs contain choline, which is responsible for the work of many body cells, regulates the functions of the brain and nerves. Scientists confirm that a diet rich in this substance can prevent dementia. Choline is also necessary for the good functioning of the heart, it reduces the risk of developing vascular diseases. In turn, the component contained in the egg prevents the accumulation of harmful cholesterol deposits on the walls of the arteries.

Best for the brain and heart are soft-boiled eggs, served with a side of antioxidant-rich vegetables like lettuce.

Salad with eggs and tuna

Eggs will take care of the figure: they effectively reduce hunger.

Want to shed a few pounds this spring? Just eat two eggs in the morning and you will forget about hunger.

Eggs are not only low in calories, but also stabilize the concentration of sugar, which prevents the desire to snack between meals. Add them to the menu: eggs are best eaten for breakfast, cooked in the form of a light omelette.

Eggs are high in protein, making them an excellent food for muscles. Which is especially important during periods of weight loss, because it prevents muscle loss. They destroy viruses and bacteria - protect against flu. Eggs are rich in ingredients that prevent the formation of infections.

Therefore, regularly include delicacies such as scrambled eggs, egg roll or egg pate in your menu. They are a complete food for every day.