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Forget About Tea and Coffee if You Have Any of These Conditions

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Nadia Galinova
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Nadia Galinova
Forget tea and coffee when you have the flu

There is hardly anyone who has not heard the recommendation that with a cold and flu it is good to drink hot drinks. They support recovery from flu and viral diseases because they warm up, help with sweating, in which the body regains its normal temperature, in addition, they fight the pain of a sore throat and help the airways to unblock.

However, experts point out that not every hot drink is medicinal. There are those that have the exact opposite effect. They slow down the natural healing process that the body undergoes.

Usually, when we have a cold, we give up our morning coffee and replace it with flavored tea. The recommendation for a cup of hot tea with honey and lemon is well known to everyone. However, is tea the most appropriate drink when seasonal flu has knocked us down?

The recommendation of some specialists is to forget about tea or coffee when you have a cold, but something different. They contain caffeine, and this ingredient prevents the body from fighting the infection quickly. Caffeine keeps a person awake, and during an illness, sleep is needed by the body for its recovery.


What drink is suitable for a fever due to viral illness? It must be a healthy drink without caffeine. It's best to drink water, compote or other fruity drink. They will help with sleep so the body can recover.

In addition, the temperature of the drink is important. It is wrong to think that you must drink something hot. Cold drinks, but not ice cold, are good for fever. They cool the body. Angina responds well to cold drinks, because they constrict the blood vessels in the throat and the purulent swelling subsides.

A hot drink is suitable for expanding the vessels and also for relaxation, which is the feeling after a hot shower. They help the body to relax and give way to sleep.

Tea, coffee, water, juice, compote are all drinks that can support healing and restorative processes in the body, but they are not medicine and cannot be relied on.

In case of illness, it is best to trust the prescribed medicines to be taken with the appropriate drinks.

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