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How to Limit Our Intake of Sugar

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The main problem when consuming sugar is that most of the time we don't even feel that we've eaten too much of it. We consume sugar daily - this starts with our morning coffee that we sweeten with 1-2 teaspoons. But later in the day we drink at least one more coffee or in the best case scenario a tea that has also been sweetened with sugar.

If you feel thirsty but don't feel like drinking water, you'll probably buy a soda, which contains quite a high amount of sugar, or a natural fruit juice that gives no ground when it comes to sweetness. And so by the early afternoon you've already had way too much sugar, when all of a sudden you feel like eating something sweet and you allow yourself a small dessert of some kind.

To limit the amount of sugar you take in daily you must first be sure that you want to do it because some habits will need to be changed.

Most importantly, drink your coffee or tea with a substitute - honey is an excellent choice. It will definitely have a different taste but is also healthier. You can of course use stevia, another very sweet product that is a whole lot healthier than sugar.

When you feel hunger throughout the day and want to satisfy it with something sweet, choose a fruit instead of a pastry. A fruit will be able to appease your desire for a sweet temptation at least partially. Also do not forget that fruits should be consumed a little bit prior to your main meal and not as a dessert, like most people are used to.


The so-called simple carbohydrates can also cause a sugar craving, which is why it's good to limit potato chips, bread and other baked goods as well.

And even though we may be beating a dead horse here, we have to mention that sodas need to be excluded from one's diet entirely, the same goes for packaged juice. You're better off making fresh squeezed juice.

Cutting down on sugar abruptly, especially in people who normally consume high amounts on a daily basis, can lead to some discomfort - nervousness, trouble sleeping and more.

To avoid such conditions you can make teas from the following herbs: chamomile, St. John's wort, Passiflora (passion flowers). If you are taking any medications, consult with a doctor before using the herbs since they may react to certain medications.

Start looking at food labels and don't buy ones that have large amounts of sugar.