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How to Make Powdered Sugar

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Sometimes, you must use powdered sugar, but it appears that you currently have none at home, and for some reason you do not want to go to the store.

The easiest thing you can do is produce your own powdered sugar. Just have your regular granulated sugar.

It would be nice if the granulated sugar is high. Then you will surely get a really good quality powdered sugar. Better if the crystals are tiny.

This way, it will not break the kitchen appliances that will make powdered sugar, and it will make powdered sugar, which will be very fine.

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Powdered sugar will be a lot easier with the help of a blender. Pour into blender the required amount of sugar that will be enough to prepare the dessert you want.

You have to grind sugar for not less than a minute until you get a fine powder sugar. Add a little vanilla in the icing sugar to get more interesting and pleasant aroma and taste.

You can also add cinnamon. This method is very practical for desserts that require powdered sugar and cinnamon. When using mixed products, you get a stronger flavor.

Icing sugar can also be obtained using a mortar and pestle. It is sufficient to pour a small amount of sugar in the mortar and pounded it, to obtain a fine powder.

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Old tested method of making powdered sugar is using a glass bottle. It takes a newspaper and a thick glass bottle.

Sugar is placed between two pages of the newspaper and using a bottle as a rolling pin, the sugar is converted into a fine powder.

Using a coffee grinder, so you can also get powdered sugar. In the mill, put sugar up to no more than a half. If powdered sugar is not get fine enough, you have to be a little more bold.

Once you get the powdered sugar, sift it across a fine sieve. If some remains unused, pour the powder into a glass container with a lid to keep any moisture from going in. It is mandatory to sift powdered sugar through a sieve, so as to not stick together.